Sodomite STD Sharing Website Fined $7 Million by Norway

Sodomite STD Sharing Website Fined $7 Million by Norway

Grindr – the premier sodomite sex app in the world – has been fined $7.14 by Norway’s ‘Data Protection Authority’ over breaches of data security by the disclosure of the personal data of its degenerate and diseased user base to its advertisers.

As the BBC article explains:

‘The fine, the largest the Norwegian DPA has issued, is large because the regulator considered the infringements to be "grave".

Data which it found the app had shared with third parties included GPS location, IP address, advertising ID, age, gender and the fact that the user was on Grindr.’

Now aside from the fact that this is a very clear breach of data protection rules by Grindr. The BBC article also accidentally discloses another interesting fact.

Namely that:

‘This was particularly intrusive because data about a person's sexual orientation constitutes special category data that merits particular             protection under GDPR rules, it added.’

So, to illegally disclose the data of straight people is one thing but to disclose the data of faggots and sodomite cum dumps is somehow worse because… well… fags. This reminds me of that famous phase in George Orwell’s novel ‘Animal Farm’ when we are told that ‘everyone is equal, but some are more equal than others.’

The rationale for this isn’t explained in the BBC article on this but is touched on by ‘Russia Today’ when it briefly notes that:

‘The reports added that sharing such data could be a matter of physical safety in countries where homosexuality is prohibited.’

So basically, because some faggots somewhere in the world might get some blowback for being cum guzzling ass-licking filth. Then all faggots need to be treated as ‘more equal than others’ because god forbid actions have consequences.

Oh, and sorry did I forget to mention the jewish hand in all this?

Grindr was started and managed by an Israeli jew and ardent sodomite Joel Simkhai (as is its main competitor ‘Scruff’ whose owner-operator is one Eric Silverberg) until January 2016 when it was bought by the Chinese company ‘Beijing Kunlun Tech’ who were then forced to sell the company by the ‘Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States’ in 2019 with the sale going through in 2020 to ‘San Vicente Acquisitions’ which despite attempts to paint it otherwise is a Judeo-Chink show with the principal investors being James Lu (of ‘Baidu’ fame and a chink) and Michael Gearon (owner of the ‘Atlanta Hawks’ and a jew*) and George Raymond Zage (whose ancestry is uncertain but possibly jewish).

So, when will the so-called ‘Principled Conservatives’ talk about the Judeo-Chink conspiracy to destroy Western civilization by promoting and spreading the vile practice of sodomy among the Aryan race?



Because ‘not being racist’ is far more important to them than telling the truth.

*Charles Rosen, 2017, ‘The Chosen Game: A Jewish Basketball History’, 1st Edition, University of Nebraska Press: Lincoln, Ch. 24