Sodomite Sues for ‘Discrimination’ against Boisie Public Library

Sodomite Sues for ‘Discrimination’ against Boisie Public Library

According to John Sowell writing in the ‘Idaho Statesman’; a dyke who has declared itself as a ‘non-binary trans person’ and shaved its head has decided to sue its former employer Boisie Public Library for alleged ‘discrimination’ and ‘harassment’.

Sowell describes how:

‘A former Boise Public Library employee who claims they were sexually harassed and discriminated against has filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Boise.

Jax Perez, who worked as a library assistant at the Hillcrest branch, sued the city of Boise, then-Library Director Kevin Booe and eight other               employees with the library and the city. The lawsuit contends that the city punished Perez for being LGBTQ and for objecting to alleged harassment and abuse.

“The city of Boise and its employees forced Jax to choose between enduring anti-LGBTQ attacks or being fired — all while, ironically, flying the Pride flag and disingenuously pledging no tolerance for harassment or             discrimination based on gender or sexual orientation,” Perez’s attorney, Ritchie Eppink, legal director for the American Civil Liberties Union of                     Idaho, wrote in the suit filed June 11.

The lawsuit also claims that city employee training was inadequate to prevent violations of anti-discrimination statutes.

Perez is seeking an amount to be determined at trial, along with punitive damages against Booe, Sarah Kelley-Chase, the library’s public services manager, and Sarah Martin, a senior manager in the city’s Human             Resources Department. Perez claims that those three, along with other unnamed employees, acted against them.

Perez, 29, is a nonbinary, transgender person who does not identify as a man or woman. They said they were discriminated against because of that.

Perez claims Booe took action to have them fired after a June 19, 2019, incident in which Perez said a hostile library patron “insulted and               dehumanized” them. The man objected to a Pride display that Perez             organized at the library, which included rainbow pins that were handed out.

The man told Perez that he objected to the pins being made available to his children. He equated giving out the pins to handing out marijuana pins to children and described Gay Pride and marijuana as “vices.” He tossed the pins his children had picked up on the counter in front of Perez, who worked at the library from May 2016 to Nov. 20, 2020.

“As a member of the LGBTQ community myself I am sorry that you feel that way,” Perez told the man.

That night, the man sent an email to library staff saying he felt he was ridiculed for his beliefs and demanding an apology.

The next morning, Perez reported the harassment in an email to their supervisor. Perez said the harassment left them “extremely shaken up and scared,” adding they “haven’t had to deal with homophobia in real life to my face in quite a while.”

Booe was sent a copy of the email, and instead of supporting his employee, the lawsuit claims, he told Perez’s supervisor and Kelley-Chase to have an “exit strategy” for Perez prepared by 9 a.m. the next morning.

“I want her out of (Boise Public Library),” Booe allegedly wrote.

Perez claimed that Booe continually refused to refer to them by gender neutral pronouns, which they had requested beginning in 2018.’

While I have had to quote Sowell at length to fairly flesh out Perez’s claims – and Perez we should note looks to be some kind of light-skinned female shitskin probably of spic origin – we can quickly see that this comes down to just one event that occurred something like this.

The Boise Public Library was running a ‘Pride’ display and handing out ‘Rainbow’ ‘Pride Pins’ to adults and children to ‘promote tolerance the LGBTQ acceptance’, which Perez was manning.

A man specifically objected to Perez handing out to ‘Pride Pins’ to his children – comparing it to handing out marijuana leaf pins – and referred to both as ‘vices’. This likely makes the man a believer in Christianity or at least a subscriber to its moral forms and norms and while he didn’t oppose giving out ‘Pride Pins’ to adults he did object to doing so to his children, because… well… that is promoting a specific sexuality to children which is the reality behind the rhetorical codeword ‘LGTBQ acceptance’.

Perez then asserts that the man knocked the ‘Pride Pins’ onto the floor while Perez claims it just told him ‘I am sorry you feel that way’ and identified itself as a ‘member of the LGBTQ community’ (how anyone could miss that I don’t know but anyway). The man then wrote an email to Boise Public Library claiming that he felt ‘ridiculed for his beliefs’ and wanted an apology, which triggered Library Director Kevin Booe to look at an ‘Exit Strategy’ for Perez after it decided to write its own email to Booe claiming ‘harassment’ and ‘homophobia’ from the man.

Reading between the lines it is rather obvious that Perez was promoting its sexuality to children – hence handing out ‘Pride Pins’ to them rather than letting them make up their own mind in their own time (which is after all what ‘LGBTQ Acceptance’ was/is supposed to be about not actively pushing sodomy as a so-called ‘lifestyle choice’) – and that it almost certainly didn’t respond as calmly as it claims to have done when challenged by the indignant man over it actively pushing its sexuality onto children.

In fact, if anything based upon experience with such activist sodomites and dykes I would suggest that Perez had a full-scale meltdown on the man and possibly even started screeching about so-called ‘homophobia’ – which is not what the man was promoting even according to Perez’s own account – prompting and making sense of why the man complained about feeling ‘ridiculed’.

Perez then realized that it had probably gone too far and decided to engage in some pre-emptive well poisoning by claiming that it was the one discriminated against and harassed not the male library customer, which it is now using as the basis of its lawsuit against the Boise Public Library and its staff members. Promoting Kevin Booe to demand an ‘Exit Strategy’ for Perez’s employment there and also makes a lot more sense than the idea of an ‘unprovoked conspiracy of homophobes’ promoted by Perez as the basis for its lawsuit.

In a National Socialist America we would not have so-called ‘non-binary transgender’ people as we would have a society that encouraged – nay demanded – traditional masculinity and femininity from men and women and much as there are no trannies and barely any sodomites/dykes in traditional Aryan and/or tribal societies then would be a return to natural sexual and gender norms as well as a much happier population with families being encouraged, supported and rewarded for having lots of beautiful white children.

We also wouldn’t have tranny shitskins suing public libraries as trannies would cease to be a thing – as the mental illnesses that cause ‘gender dysphoria’ would be treated for free by the state – and shitskins would be deported to be among their own kind who can care for them or leave them to fend for themselves as they see fit.

Making American Aryan Again is the only way we can return to sanity.