Sodomites Get Mad over Donation to Pastor Steve Anderson’s ‘Faithful Word Baptist Church’

Sodomites Get Mad over Donation to Pastor Steve Anderson’s ‘Faithful Word Baptist Church’

The ‘Daily Beast’ recently published a hit piece by one William Bredderman about how Representative Louie Gohmert’s (R-TX) campaign donated $5,500 to Pastor Steve Anderson’s ‘Faithful Word Baptist Church’, which was picked up by ‘LGBTQ Nation’ where one Alex Bollinger – presumably an enthusiastic fudge packer – began screeching about Anderson’s comments about the Pulse Nightclub Shooting in Orlando on 12th June 2016 by the angry Islamist Omar Mateen where-in Anderson simply observed that 50 sodomites were no longer with us and how this was a good thing according to his (historically fairly orthodox) Christian faith because that is 50 less ardent abominations to God.

Ironically if you look back at Bredderman’s original piece from which Bollinger gets all his evidence and facts – surprise surprise as politically-minded fags are rarely very original in my experience – his focus was not Anderson’s entertaining commentary about sodomites and how they are going to burn in the fires of hell for all eternity (for the juicy details pick up your copy of Dante’s ‘Inferno’) according to his constitutionally-protected Christian faith but rather the far more politically incorrect fact that Anderson is a so-called ‘Holocaust Denier’ (gosh… how can anyone possibly doubt in the holy six gorillion… lock them up immediately).

Thus, we can see what Bollinger is up to here in that he – and I presume it is a he not a she/it/zur/zie/attack helicopter - up to is a game of ‘fight about who is the real victim’ here with fags and the assortment of walking abortions that seem to follow them around trying to steal victimhood from the victims of all victims: the jews.

Kinda like playing hot potato but with a steaming bag of shit rather than… well… a potato.

Anyway, the response from Louie Gohmert’s campaign is predictably ridiculous as they claim – to quote Bollinger‘Gohmert’s campaign committee hired Christian singer Steve Amerson of Granada Hills, California and someone made an error in the FEC filing.

His office is claiming that they got the “name, purpose, and address” wrong when recording the payment to the Christian singer.’

As Bollinger’s statement implies this is just ludicrous and almost certainly complete and utter bollocks.

The irony is that Gohmert would be much, much better just telling the professional poofters to go fuck themselves, declare that Anderson is fairly quoting God’s word (and I am not a Christian either before anyone tries to claim that) as well as historic orthodox Christian doctrine (till about 20 years ago) and point out that homosexuality is a mental illness that can and should be treated (using hormone therapy among other things) not encouraged as a ‘lifestyle choice’.

All that being said National Socialists like me don’t agree with Pastor Anderson on very much – he just loves interracial couples for a start – but at least he has the intellectual honesty to quote (and believe) the Bible correctly on the subject of sodomites and also the courage to state the fucking obvious at this point: the Holocaust did not happen.

For a start why else are there still so many ‘Holocaust Survivors’ here in New York?