Somali Jihadi Slaughters Aryan Women in Würzburg

Somali Jihadi Slaughters Aryan Women in Würzburg

Another crazed jihadi struck Europe on Friday 25th June 2021 in the beautiful medieval Bavarian city of Würzburg killing three and injuring five others with a knife. This sick little Somali went into Würzburg’s Woolworths store – in an obvious attempt to find defenceless Aryan women to slaughter – and Bruno Waterfield relates in ‘The Times’ what happened next:

‘He asked “Where are the knives?” in the shop’s household department.

As the saleswoman, 49, showed him knives he grabbed the one with the longest blade, just over 5in, and stabbed her repeatedly in the neck, killing her. He then turned on other female customers, killing a pensioner, 82, and another woman, 24, who died protecting her daughter from the attacker. As the mother fought back, covered in blood, he followed her into the street, killing her.’

This satanic little shit is seen smiling after being shot in the thigh – why not the head? – and arrested by German police, but named ‘Abdirahman J.’ and who was one of Angela Merkel’s famous migrant ‘engineers’ and ‘specialists’ who were going to ‘add’ so much to the German economy during the refugee crisis of 2015.

Naturally we are seeing the German government and media as well as the international media trying desperately to claim Abdirahman wasn’t a jihadi at all.

For example, ‘Deutsche Welle’ claims that:

‘Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann said investigators were looking into whether the suspect's mental state or possible Islamist motives could be behind the attack.

"We don't know either one thing or the other for sure at the moment, but I just want to note that they don't rule each other out,'' Herrmann said.

Witnesses reported hearing the suspect shout "Allahu Akbar" (God is greatest in Arabic) during the attack.

Authorities said the suspect is not known to the police for crimes that "lean in the direction of Islamic extremism."’

‘Deutsche Welle’ went on to write later in a separate article that:

‘Investigators have been looking into the motive behind the attack as suspension grows over whether the alleged perpetrator is mentally ill or has a radical Islamist agenda.’

Meanwhile the BBC in the UK was even more dismissive of the fact that this was yet another Islamic terrorist attack:

‘Police said he had been violent and mentally unstable and had recently received psychiatric treatment.’

Yet it quickly came to light – as Waterfield records in ‘The Times’ – that Abdirahman was a ‘personal jihad mission’ and the ‘Daily Mail’ recorded why this has become obvious despite the desperate bleating of the jewish-dominated liberal-left media:

‘The suspect, who has a history of mental health problems, has since told police he was carrying out a 'personal jihad'.

Investigators have found Islamist literature in his bedroom and anti-terrorist authorities are probing his links with extremist groups.’

So basically, Abdirahman screamed ‘Allahu Akbar’, had Islamist literature in his bedroom and has already told the police that this was an act of Jihad. Yet ‘Deutsche Welle’ and the BBC are still pushing the idea that poor old Abdirahman was not a jihadi at all but just ‘mentally ill’.


Abdirahman is a Somali migrant who Angela Merkel not only let into Germany but rolled out the red carpet for him and now we have dead Aryan women – a precious resource if there ever was one – on the streets of Würzburg. Merkel should go on trial for her wilful desecration of German blood and honour during the 2015 Refugee Crisis.

The smiling satanic little shit had better pray to Allah that he dies before the Fourth Reich inevitably arises in Germany because Allah is going to have trouble putting him back together after the Reich is done with him.

We do not forgive.

We do not forget.

And we are everywhere.