Rwandan Nigger Torches the Cathedral of Nantes then Murders Pro-Refugee Catholic Priest

Rwandan Nigger Torches the Cathedral of Nantes then Murders Pro-Refugee Catholic Priest

When the famous Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris burned – which was probably a case of arson by Islamic labourers employed to help repair the roof of the cathedral – there was an outcry but when the similarly beautiful Cathedral of Nantes burned in a similar case there was barely a peep.

The reason for this is simple enough.

You can plausibly argue the burning of the Cathedral of Notre Dame was ‘just an accident’ – a mightily convenient one but an accident never-the-less – but you cannot argue that with the burning of the Cathedral of Nantes.


Because the suspect also happens to have butchered a Roman Catholic priest by the name of Fr. Olivier Lemaire in the village of Saint-Laurent-sur-Sèvre in the Vendée.

As the BBC explains:

‘The body of Olivier Lemaire was found in the village               Saint-Laurent-sur-Sèvre, a small village in the Vendée area, on Monday morning, French media report.

They say a failed asylum seeker from Rwanda who was being housed by the priest later turned himself in and confessed to the killing.

The man is also suspected of starting a fire that damaged the cathedral in the nearby city of Nantes in last year.

The blaze tore through the Nantes cathedral, destroying stained glass windows and the grand organ inside.’

And then we learn that:

‘The unnamed Rwandan, who worked as a volunteer warden at the             cathedral, was initially questioned after the blaze but released. He was later rearrested and charged after reportedly admitting to starting the fire.

The priest, aged 60, had been welcoming the man into his church for several months, French media say.’

So basically Fr. Lemaire actively aided and abetted a Rwandan nigger who had been involved in torching an artistically beautiful French Cathedral – which remember contained the host aka what Catholics believe to be the literal body of Jesus Christ – and had failed in his asylum application. Then got murdered by him because… well… he is a nigger and niggers aren’t good at impulse control especially when they get frustrated.

Fr. Lemaire was clearly a traitor to his race and thus his death is not to be mourned but rather celebrated as now we are down one less race traitor and poz pig in both the Catholic Church and the Aryan world in general.

The nigger from Rwanda is just an animal that needs to be controlled and shouldn’t be in France anyway and white traitors – like Fr. Lemaire – are a good part of the reason why such specimens of sub-humanity are in Europe and North America.

One less traitor to the Aryan race is one more chance our race has of surviving this disastrous epoch.

This is not an exhortation to start physically removing white traitors but simply just an observation on the reality of the situation that niggers and kebabs murdering their own supporters helps and furthers the cause of Aryan racial preservation and future expansion.