Equestrian Statue of President Teddy Roosevelt Removed in New York City

Equestrian Statue of President Teddy Roosevelt Removed in New York City

In the latest example of a seemingly never-ending torrent of abuse directed towards Aryan American history Reuters is reporting that:

‘Workers on Wednesday dismantled a towering statue of President               Theodore Roosevelt from outside New York City's American Museum of Natural History.

The "Equestrian Statue of Theodore Roosevelt," commissioned in 1925 and unveiled to the public in 1940, depicts Roosevelt on a horse, with a Native American man and an African man on foot at his side. It has been                     criticized by some as a symbol of colonialism and racism.

The New York City Public Design Commission voted last June to remove it, the museum said on its website. Its new destination will be the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library in Medora, North Dakota, the New York Times reported.

The museum on its website said it was proud of its long association with the Roosevelt family, adding: "At the same time, the statue itself               communicates a racial hierarchy the Museum and members of the public have long found disturbing."

Roosevelt, who was president from 1901 to 1909, was known for his             exuberant and daring manner. He implemented antitrust and                       conservationist reforms, though critics said he took an interventionist approach to foreign policy, including projecting U.S. naval power around the world.’

Now while Teddy Roosevelt was a friend of the jews – because he wrongly considered them ‘hard workers’ - and was also supportive of Zionism and tried to undermine efforts to educate the American public on the menace presented by the jews. Roosevelt’s philo-Semitism seems less intellectual and more related to the fact that he attained his political start as the Police Commissioner of New York and like Julius Caesar sought to use the jews as a political constituency to support his election.

Teddy Roosevelt was also a man who knew the American West in its heyday and he knew and recognised racial reality as well as the fact that Aryans were (and are) superior to the shitskins who claim to be ‘Native’ to America as well as to niggers. Yet he was also one of America’s better Presidents given that it was he who created national parks for the enjoyment and edification of the hard-working but oppressed white working class of his day, put the all important anti-trust legislation into effect (breaking up various abusive corporate monopolies) and avidly supported the burgeoning science of eugenics.

To quote him from 1913: ‘Society has no business to permit degenerates to reproduce.’

And againfrom 1907: ‘The most vicious cowboy has more moral principle than the average Indian.’

Therefore, it is hardly a surprise that those who seek to undermine and destroy America’s history and the achievements of the Aryans who created it decided to ‘quietly’ remove his statue in New York City. Teddy Roosevelt was short-sighted in his views on the subject of jews – especially as it is now the great-grandchildren of the jews he thought so ‘honest and hard-working’ that are now traducing his reputation and trying to destroy his legacy – but in many other things he was in the right and well ahead of his time.

It is a shame that his statue is being removed as it is a reminder to the people of New York City of a time when men were men, women were women and niggers were treated as outdated farm equipment.