Surprising Twist in Haitian President’s Assassination

Surprising Twist in Haitian President’s Assassination

I recently wrote about the surprise assassination of Haiti’s President Jovenel Moise and how this was a predictable result of niggers being well… err… niggers and let it not be said that I am dishonest because it seems that at least I was somewhat wrong.

17 members of the assassination squad were quickly arrested – it is believed another 11 members have yet to be arrested – and it turns out that 26 of the 28 are Columbians and the other two are styled ‘Americans’ but are actually just Haitian-born niggers with American citizenship named James Solanges and Joseph Vincent.

The speculation around the motive for the attack – especially now it turns out it was basically a bunch of Columbians – has been remarkably restrained but the fact that Solanges worked as a reserve guard at the Canadian Embassy in Haiti but has up till now just been a building maintenance worker and running a small charity in South Florida, while all we know about Joseph is that he lived in Miami at some stage.

This and the Columbian involvement suggest two plausible solutions to my mind.

Firstly that this is a drug-related hit given that Moise’s government has been waging a war against the drug cartels of Latin America in recent years with a couple of notable successes. So, the drug cartels – which one or ones I don’t know – decided to whack Moise to send a message and used Columbian mercenaries and two Haitian locals to do it.

Secondly that this is the result of internal Haitian tensions between the increasingly dictatorial Moise and the Haitian political opposition resulting in some figure or group in or associated with the political opposition farming out a hit on Moise to some Columbian mercenaries with two Haitian locals to act as guides and translators.

It is too early to tell yet, but it is all rather unexpected!