The Big Squeeze: MemeStocks Take Their First Hedge Fund Scalp

The Big Squeeze: MemeStocks Take Their First Hedge Fund Scalp

Remember r/WallStreetBets, #GME and #AMC?

Well, it turns out despite all the attempts to put on a brave face and talk themselves out of their own self-created liquidity crisis by the jewish-dominated Hedge Funds of Wall Street, the City of London and elsewhere: the jews who tried to short #GME (GameStop) and #AMC (AMC Entertainment) among many others have finally begun to fall as they are unable to continue to brazen it out and bear their own losses.

The first casualty is London-based ‘White Square Capital’ run by Florian Kronawitter – who to be fair to him is not an actual kike but rather a spiritual kike – which had previously commanded some $440 million in investment capital and now is being wound down to ‘refund the capital’ to its (probably jewish) investors which is another way of saying ‘we went out of business’ despite attempts by Lawrence Fletcher over at the ‘Financial Times’ to style it a ‘restructuring’ (Wall Street jargon for: we fucked up and need to rebrand) and ‘unrelated to the MemeStocks’ via an ‘anonymous source’ despite the fact that it clearly is.

Why has ‘White Square Capital’ been allowed to fall first?

Well despite Florian Kronawitter being a former golden boy of Wall Street; he also isn’t jewish unlike many of the others involved:

‘That led to big losses for some funds, including US-based Melvin Capital, run by Steve Cohen protégé Gabe Plotkin, and Light Street Capital, run by Glen Kacher, a former Tiger cub who worked at Julian Robertson’s Tiger Management. However, the funds remain in operation, and shortly after its losses Melvin received a $2.75bn investment from Cohen’s Point72 Asset Management and Ken Griffin’s Citadel.’

Cohen, Kacher, Plotkin… all jews... with Plotkin being bailed out by Cohen while the ostensible non-jew Ken Griffin’s ‘Citadel’ is advised by Ben Bernanke (formerly of the US Federal Reserve).

Notice the coincidence?

So maybe Kronawitter’s ‘White Square Capital’ was allowed to fall both because it was a relatively small fish – yes, I know $440 million isn’t exactly chump change but in the perverted world of Hedge Funds it is a chicken feed – in a big pond but also because Kronawitter is not a member of the tribe.

Whatever happens we can be sure that the Big Squeeze will continue, and other kikes (biological or spiritual) will fall.