The Black Lives Matter Guide to Creating a ‘Racist White Cop, Black Victim’ Incident

The Black Lives Matter Guide to Creating a ‘Racist White Cop, Black Victim’ Incident

My colleague on the TPS forum Whitestuff – so all credit to him for the idea – suggested a simple process map for how a lot of the controversial contacts between blacks and the police in the United States tend to work and as it is ingenious in both its simplicity and ability to cut to the heart of the matter.

I thought I’d codify it here:

1. Disobey a Reasonable Request by the Police (remember whatever the police tell you doesn’t apply because you are Black).

2. Chimp Out when Detained (always make plenty of loud noises and struggle as much as humanly possible so that your fellow Blacks and ‘White Allies’ will come to your aid).

3. A Tribe of nearby Blacks descends and the Chimp Out upgrades to the next level of intensity (remember to have your iPhones out so you can film what is going on and make unintelligible commentary in Ebonics supporting the idea that your fellow Black person is getting beaten up/brutalised/hurt/shot by the police when they are ‘clearly innocent’ as much as you can).

4. Share the video on Social Media – preferably Twitter and then tweet about “PoLIcE BrUTaliTY” for an hour or two – using the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter and #DefundThePolice and it will be picked up by Twitter lynch mob comprised mainly of overweight female ‘White Allies’ so that the mainstream media will then pick it up – since many of today’s journalists are overweight sex-starved white cat ladies - and begin filling in your desired narrative (as that is difficult and requires non-Wakandan minds to achieve).

5. Launch a Lawsuit against Police – preferably using a jewish lawyer working on a ‘No Win No Fee’ basis - to get enough Free Money to launch your new career as a Hip Hop star on Tik Tok.

And there you have it, ladies and gentlemen: the ‘Black Lives Matters’ guide to how to create a ‘Racist White Cop, Black Victim’ incident.