The Crackdown Begins in Cuba

The Crackdown Begins in Cuba

As I predicted in my recent article on the popular protests against the jew-run communist regime in Cuba; the crackdown has begun.

The BBC are reporting that:

‘There were reports of internet blackouts across the island. Access to mobile internet was rolled out in December 2018 in Cuba but is controlled by the state-owned telecommunications company Etecsa.

Internet monitoring site Netblocks said access to WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and Telegram had been restricted by Etecsa's servers.

Mobile internet is the main way for Cubans to access independent news and many said the blackouts had increased the sense of ominous unease following the protests.

There also appeared to be a heightened presence of security forces with one Havana resident reporting that "the streets are full of police".

"There are police at every corner and practically all you see going past is police patrols."

With messaging services down and dozens of people arrested, relatives of some of those detained gathered in front of police stations for news of their loved ones.’

This is hardly surprising since Cuba has a track record of clamping down hard on dissent but without the same violence as say exhibited by the governments of Egypt, Libya and Syria during the so-called ‘Arab Spring’. Predictably the neo-conservatives in the US such as the Mayor of Miami Francis Suarez are demanding that the United States bomb Cuba and engage in ‘regime change’ on the island as is Florida Senator Marco Rubio.

The United States must not engage in ‘regime change’ in Cuba not because the Cuban people matter (frankly no one but other Cubans and sex tourists give a shit) but rather that it risks of substantial losses of white men and women – who fundamentally do most of the fighting for and take most of the risks in these pointless wars – when it is so-called ‘Cuban-Americans’ (both of which Rubio and Suarez are) that are cheerleading this fresh attempt at slaughtering shitskins because other shitskins are upset.

If Rubio and Suarez are so keen to stick it to the Castro regime then might I suggest that they and all their fellow ‘Cuban-American’ loudmouths get some guns and ammo together, rent a couple of yachts (I am sure more than a few of them own their own) and go help their racial kinsmen in Cuba rather than demand that white men and women fight and die for them.

In other words, the ‘Cuban-Americans’ need to act like men rather than mice and not expect Aryans to fight their wars for them.