The dangerous progress of anti-meat restrictions for "health" and the "environment"

The dangerous progress of anti-meat restrictions for "health" and the "environment"

The lies spread on the subject of climate are an ideal vehicle for Jewish tyranny, according to the adage "global problem, global solution", a false problem calling for a false solution. The climate lies, to be distinguished from the real problems of pollution and land use, are too numerous to be analyzed here.

One of the favorite angles of attack of those who want to enslave us with the environment as a pretext is food: banning foods in the name of their "environmental impact" and of course of "health". Don't think they wouldn't dare. Who two years ago would have believed in the covidist tyranny we are witnessing? They're talking about it and they're pushing it. The British report on the "National Food Strategy" is a good example of vegetarian if not vegan propaganda with a background of climate stupidity. It is hardly a caricature to say that they want to reduce us to eating insects and soy.

It's obviously hard to reach their end goal at once. The media propaganda carries out a regular demoralizing bombardment with lies, in order to brainwash and prepare the ground for direct attacks. "Cow farts" would be a worldwide threat, it is a natural cycle as old as ruminants. Meat production would "use a lot of land", in fact much of the land used for livestock production is unfit for cultivation, and crops such as wheat produce a lot of material unfit for human consumption that would have to be burned if it were not used for fodder. Meat production would "use a lot of water", which is absurd in view of the water cycle: the cow eats grass, then pees in the field and returns most of the water to the soil. The amount of water passing through the cow does not dry up rivers.

And of course how animal products (meat, milk, eggs) would be bad for our health, on the basis of seriously flawed epidemiological studies or outright lies. The needs of our cells are much closer to the needs of a cow cell than to the needs of a soy cell. Meat is easy to digest and is by far the richest food in proteins, vitamins and other nutrients. Hunting is how the human brain developed. To claim that the central food of our evolutionary history would be harmful to us is absurd. Mammoths, deer and cattle are found in prehistoric cave paintings, not fruit or soy. And it certainly did not make them fat even in abundance!

After the propaganda, the next step is the introduction of taxes on the concerned products, in the name of "health" and "the environment", taxes that are bound to increase in the future so as to progressively restrict consumption and pave the way for an outright ban.

At the same time, local bans are being introduced. In France, the government has made a "vegetarian" day compulsory in school canteens, which corresponds to a nutritional impoverishment for millions of children. Last month in Germany, Volkswagen, which previously prided itself on its currywursts, banned all forms of meat (except for some fish) in its company canteens. Berlin's universities have announced a similar measure a few days ago in the name of, you guessed it, "the environment".

If these canteens were to offer only meat and cheese menus in the name of the health of vegans with a severe lack of essential nutrients, it would be a major scandal. But when institutions seek to prevent adults from choosing of their own free will to eat meat in a company or university canteen, the media see nothing wrong with it.

About ten years ago, Denmark introduced a tax on saturated fat, which had been maligned for decades as harmful, mainly increasing the price of products like meat, butter and cheese. Although cancelled less than two years after its introduction, this tax was a foretaste of what is to come.

The UK Food Strategy Report contains several calls for a tax, focusing on sugar and salt but the reports also states the aim of reducing UK meat consumption by 30%, which implicitly involves some coercion. The report contains a graph that amply demonstrates that meat and cheese are the most economical way to eat, considering that they also have one of the highest nutrient densities per calorie, but the interpretation in the report is obviously quite different.

It's cheapest to eat healthiest with meat and cheese. But "ready meals" and plants are falsely called healthier than meat and cheese.

But the latest episode comes from Finland, ruled since 2019 by a left-wing coalition led by the Social Democrats. Our readers are well aware that all parties allowed in the media have no intention of dealing with the real issues, foremost among them the preservation of the white race. There are variations on the outside paint job, however, and the left is at the forefront of climate catastrophism. With 12 women out of 19 government ministers, is it worth discussing the disaster of incompetence and dogmatic irrationality that dominates it?

The reader will note that Finland, the northernmost country in the world, could do with a few more degrees! The orientation of Finland's 2022 budget, the draft of which has just been announced, centered around "green transition" and "environmentally sustainable growth" is therefore particularly absurd. Behind these fashionable expressions is the slander of carbon dioxide and the promotion of immature or unsuitable technologies (such as electric cars), against a background of reduced freedom on all sides in the name of "the planet".

On the sly, without discussion in the Finnish media but attested in the abbreviated minutes of government deliberations as a "health tax", taxes on salt and saturated fat are being prepared.

Salt is a vital product, whose under-consumption (encouraged!) is much more dangerous than over-consumption, but in the name of "health" modern versions of the salt taxes that were so hated in previous centuries are being reintroduced.

Saturated fat, which is the same fat that our own cells make if we eat a lot of carbohydrates, is present in some plant products like tropical oils, but mostly in animal products like butter, cheese and meat. A tax on saturated fat is an indirect tax on meat and cheese, which is obviously the point.

The true health food

If health is the (false) argument most put forward by the tyrants who want to control what we eat, the climate fallacy is also increasingly invoked. The jews are rubbing their hands at the idea of turning as many White men as possible into emasculated soy eaters. The consumption of animal products by Whites can only displease them since they promote masculinity in men and fertility in women.

Expect a food tyranny to emerge gradually in the wake of the covidist tyranny, step by step. It is on our struggle for the White Race and liberty that the future depends.