The ‘Flemish Rambo’ Jurgen Conings and the Moral Bankruptcy of the Belgian State

The ‘Flemish Rambo’ Jurgen Conings and the Moral Bankruptcy of the Belgian State

On Monday 17th May Jurgen Conings – aka ‘The Flemish Rambo’ – a Belgian military shooting instructor took some weapons – including anti-tank missile launchers - from his barracks and disappeared into the Belgian countryside. His ostensible reason for doing so was not difficult to ascertain as he appears to have taken serious issue with the handling of the Kung Flu crisis by the government he served and that was supposed to serve the Belgian people.

Despite the Belgian and German governments deploying hundreds of soldiers to locate Conings and take him into custody costing thus far in excess of 650,000 Euros. They are yet to find him and nor has he hurt anyone or committed any crime as of yet other than absconding from his barracks with weapons despite attempts to suggest that he was going to assassinate Belgium’s Head Virologist Marc Van Ranst among other leading governmental figures.

The interesting thing about Conings is not necessarily the man himself – he was identified by Belgian Military Intelligence in 2019 as being ‘far-right’ (whatever that means these days) and got into trouble in 2020for publishing ‘racist comments’ (whatever those are in these days of our Woke Cultural Revolution) on the internet – but rather the symbol to ordinary Belgians that he has become.

In the days after the news about Conings leaked out/was announced and the authorities still hadn’t located him. A Facebook group supportive of Conings was set up and promptly shut down by the jewish-owned and run social media company when it garnered 50,000 members in a matter of days much to the shock of liberal journalists and their co-conspirators in the Belgian government.

The fact that the Belgian people are fundamentally angry and pissed off at their own supposedly ‘democratic’ government, which has unilaterally held them hostage in a kind of eternal lockdown for the last 18 months and has interestingly translated into a massive surge of support for the Nieuw-Vlaamse Alliantie (‘New Flemish Alliance’) and Vlaams Belang (‘Flemish Interest’) parties – the latter of which Conings is also a member - which are nominally ‘right-wing’ or at least seem so to a Belgian people so used to socially far-left pro-corporate governments.

This demonstrates how increasingly bankrupt the Belgian government is precisely because it is trying to maintain its power against rapidly increasing anti-government anti-leftist sentiment by disproportionately (and unsuccessfully) pursuing Conings as well as other Vlaams Belang supporters for such ‘crimes’ as ‘hate speech’. Thus, even while the Belgian government is behaving anti-democratically; the strength of the popular resistance and the desire for some kind of significant change is growing.

The only shame in this situation is that there is no genuine Belgian or Flemish nationalist party to take advantage of the situation and the Belgian people have been left with little option but to vote for weak-willed and ineffective faux patriots and Israel Firsters.