The Great Oogaboogathon of 2020

The Great Oogaboogathon of 2020

When the Great Oogaboogathon of 2020 broke out after the death of the nigger criminal George Floyd - which was caused by an self-inflicted overdose of Fentanyl - after a police officer named Derek Chauvin held him down with a knee hold for about nine minutes. The consequences were predictable.

Niggers with the help of jew-funded Antifa went into full chimp-out mode, torching buildings and cars – often owned by other niggers and the occasional kike slumlord – while paradoxically shrieking ‘I can’t breathe’. Then the quarterly niggerthon spread from Minneapolis to other cities in America and then around the world with chimp-outs recorded as far afield as London, Melbourne, Paris, Tokyo and Warsaw.

The fact that these specimens of sub-humanity have spent most of their chimp-out looting and destroying their own neighbourhoods, food stores, transportation and beating the snot out of faggot niggers shouldn’t have surprised anyone, but it certainly came as a shock to ‘principled conservatives’ like Steve King and Charlie Kirk.

The jew-run corporations weren’t slow in getting on the bandwagon either with everyone from Sony to Ben & Jerry’s and (hilariously) Gorilla Glue promoting restitution and ‘more civil rights’ for niggers. They seem to believe that - contrary to evidence – than giving the barely sentient humanoids yet more legal perks and tax breaks will magically turn them into responsible human beings.

In fact – as the nigger response to Trayvon Martin’s shooting by the spic-who-was-claimed-to-be-White George Zimmerman proves – it just provokes more and more of these Oogaboogathons as animal instincts of the niggers kick in and they realize that running regular niggerthons gets them a lot of free shit at whitey’s expense.

Further as the niggers loot, pillage, rape and murder their way through their own neighbourhoods and go after any Whites who happened to be in their – including cops, journalists and their own White cuck supporters – the jews and Shabbos goyim in the media continue to promote fake nonsense like ‘White Supremacists’ are ‘responsible’ for the violence and the amateur footage of the niggers breaking and stealing shit is just ‘fake news’ and hasn’t been ‘fact-checked’.

Their message to you White man is that not only do they hate you and that you are responsible for every evil that has ever befallen them, but also that they are coming to murder you, rape your wife and torture and kill your kids. The jew has been busy stoking the jealousy and entitlement of the sub-humans against you with claims of ‘systematic racism’ within the system but failing to mention that jews have long been the ones screwing niggers and blaming you White man.

To quote the jew sociologist Abraham Duker:

‘Obvious is a very wide participation of Jews in pro-integration activities, named the “Negro Revolution,” but more properly identified as the               struggle for the completion of Negro emancipation. I venture to state that at CORE and SNCC meetings in larger cities and on the campus, on picket lines and at mass demonstrations, in publications, in audiences of forums, in short, as dedicated individuals, the number of Jewish participants is far beyond their proportion in the white population.

Community relations organizations, the B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation League, the American Jewish Committee, the American Jewish Congress, the Jewish Labor Committee, the National Community Relations Advisory Council, local agencies have been very much involved, first in the legal aspects of the struggle for equality and later in the integration drive. Many, possibly even most, national organizations concerned with               domestic affairs, are committed to it. In fact, I am tempted to speculate what might have happened in the 1930’s and the 1940’s if some of these defense bodies had been involved to the same degree in the effort to rescue jews from the Hitler genocide.’ (1)

It is the very jews who are so determined to silence criticism of jews and promote Israel as ‘our best friend’ (ever) who fan the flames of nigger hatred against Whites and who sit their rubbing their satanic hands with glee as the chimp-outs cause Whites in America to wring their hand with fake guilt over what they ‘haven’t done’ for niggers. Yet they’ve given trillions of dollars of unconditional aid to niggers in Africa (2) and even created representative systems of government for them. (3)

Yet niggers in Africa have bleaker prospects than ever (4) and have managed to royally fuck up even formerly rich countries like Rhodesia and South Africa. All with the ‘help’ of the eternally ‘helpful’ billionaire kike capitalists like the Och-Ziff Hedge Fund’s $100 million ‘loan’ to genocidal nigger dictator Robert Mugabe in 2008 who then promptly went on an ‘exterminate the Whites’ frenzy. (5)

I have news for you my friends: the jew is never going to stop until you and your family are wiped out, because – to quote – liberal Rabbi Julia Neuberger: ‘Jews as a whole cannot ever forgive anybody.’ (6)

They are going to keep triggering the niggers to run wild until Aryan man is but a poorly remembered myth in the pages of history.

The white pill in all this blood and fiery chaos has been that Aryan men and women have been taking to the streets with baseball bats telling the niggers and their cuck cock slaves to take their ‘faggot energy’ and get the fuck out of their neighbourhoods while challenging them to go one-on-one.

While in places like Coeur d'Alene White men have been armed and ready waiting for Antifa and their nigger stud muffins to come and try what they did in Minneapolis to them.

Sure, they aren’t National Socialists but rather constitutionalist militia types, which hasn’t stopped the System promptly arresting any of them they can and arraigning them on trumped up charges while niggers loot and burn down the local Walmart. Yet they represent the nascent stirrings of the racial consciousness of our people that begins to fruition when nigger behaviour egged on by their kike handlers affects our people in their daily lives and stops them earning the money, they need to put food on the table for their families.

What we are seeing is the Balkanization – or rather Brazilification – of America where increasingly fewer Aryans are pushed into smaller and smaller habitable and increasingly armed zones – like Orania in South Africa – that resist niggerification and are ready to stand against – as Lothrop Stoddard put it – ‘the rising tide of colour’.

The facts are that even through White people profess to be ‘anti-racist’ in the main: their Google searches manifestly say otherwise as the jew Seth Stephens-Davidowitz discovered to his horror when he wrote his 2017 book ‘Everybody Lies’.

Oy Vey! The Goyim are waking up!

To put the facts on the ground simply:

The System won’t save you: it hates you.

The Corporations won’t save you: they are too busy virtue-signalling so they can continue sucking the blood out of the welfare checks of niggers which you pay for with your taxes.

The GOP won’t save you: they are too busy shrieking about how the niggers had it worse under Obama and his Bongo Bongo Book Club nigger rule.

The Military won’t save you: they are busy taking a knee with the rioting niggers in the street and trying to train trannies as Navy Seals.

Only National Socialism can save us now.

The only thing we have to lose are our chains.


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