The Importance of Purity

The Importance of Purity

Principles are one of those things that ideologically-speaking people are often unclear on or who view them – to paraphrase ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ – as being more akin to ‘guidelines’. In other words, they are a set of principles that you adhere to as much or as little as you think is ‘practical’ at that given moment.

The problem with this is self-evident in that it is simply a rehash of John Dewey and William James’ philosophic theory of pragmatism where you do not have a concrete set of beliefs and values that you actually stand for and thus are little better than the average normie who spouts off cultural Marxist talking points without recognizing their origin or having thought anything much about what the consequences of what they are saying.

And yes, the pun was intended.

You see my point?

Words are both powerful and important because they convey the essence of your thought and meaning we have to take responsibility for that by controlling the political language of our society and – as trite as it sounds – continuing to push the Overton window. We cannot do that without solid principles much as we cannot hammer in a nail if the hammer is made of chocolate because our hammer will fall apart after one or two blows.

Our ideological hammer must be made of hardened steel and allow us to repeatedly hammer our ideas into the consciousness of our race and not be made of proverbial chocolate, which will quickly melt away or break once exposed to pressure.

We must have purity because only purity retains its strength as when you forge steal you want as few impurities as possible where-as debased impure steel will break and shatter in time. While the pure steel will continue to strike true time and again.

We must have the right ideological tools for the job to be sure, but those tools must be forged from an unbreakable purity of biology, ideology and purpose.

These three aspects of purity are important precisely because they inform and depend on each other.

Biological (aka racial) purity is centrally important because the basis of everything that exists in this world is derived from the material essence of the universe and you are not above or independent of that universe but rather part of it. Therefore, when you interact with the world you do so on the basis of your racial socio-biology not as an ‘independent individual’.

We are not all born mathematical geniuses and we know and accept that fact every day of our lives, but yet when it comes to whether you are Aryan or not people suddenly begin to declare that the water is muddy. The reason they do so is because they are compromised in some way be that racially or personally.

I mean who wouldn’t want to eat an Aberdeen Angus steak rather than a steak-shaped piece of mystery meat that might not even be beef at all?

If you are particular about your food and drink – and we all are (I mean who seriously wants to drink sewage as if it were clean water?) – then you are implementing the principle of racial purity in your life.

The only reason you wouldn’t want purity is – as stated above – because you yourself are not pure.

You are either conscious that you are really a racial mongrel, or you are personally compromised by something that you refuse – and it is true as you alone are responsible for the personal choices of your life – to discard such as a racially impure boyfriend/girlfriend, spouse, children, relatives and/or friends. You chose them over your people and that is fine, but unless you change your life then you cannot expect the racially pure to accept you as if you are one of us.

Why else would you want to drink spoilt rather than fresh milk?

This brings us to the second aspect of purity which is purity of ideology and this is driven by proclaiming a philosophy both in word and deed. It is very easy to declare yourself a National Socialist, but it is much harder to put National Socialism into practice every day of your life.

We have already seen how some people want to be classified as Aryan when they are not or make contrived attacks on National Socialism with such clichés as ‘it is just for Germans’, ‘that would never work here’ and/or ‘it simply isn’t practical’. These are not actual objections any more than claiming that parliamentary democracy cannot be implemented in any country in the world, because it can but rather the expression of its genes are different while the genetics themselves are the same.

What these false critics are really saying is not that National Socialism will not work, but that they themselves will be excluded by it and thus they don’t want you to benefit from it because it will hinder not help their personal interests. In fact, they are actively telling you that they don’t have any actual objection to National Socialism other than their own selfishness!

This is what we mean when we talk of ideological purity and how it connects to racial purity, because critics frequently attack ideological purity not because ideological purity is somehow wrong, but because ideological purity conflicts with their personal interests. Yet they know they cannot tell you that, but yet they still have to make a counterargument so instead they resort to rhetorical libels without providing any evidence for what they claim.

Ideological purity is not about changing the expression (i.e. phenotype) of National Socialism – it unlike all other philosophies embraces change and evolution within its very core - but rather about ensuring that the genotype of National Socialism (i.e. racial purity) remains unchanged and uncompromised.

To use Marxist terminology the base (or rather basis) of National Socialism is race (or sub-species as it is scientifically better known as) while the superstructure is everything else from art to economics, because every aspect of human civilization derives from human biology and since human biology is stratified by race then so is human civilization.

This is a very simple proposal that speaks to intellectual simplicity and honesty of National Socialism in that it simply says we as humans are all organisms and since we act and live on that basis then that is how we need to understand the world and our societies.

When we apply this, it means that National Socialism can adopt any number of socio-economic and political forms as they are its superstructure as long as they are based purely on the concept of race and do not – as the saying goes – put any other gods before literally or figuratively. Therefore, ideological purity is directly related to racial purity in National Socialism, because you cannot be ideologically pure unless you are racially pure since if you are not racially pure then your purpose cannot not be.

Purity of purpose is thus also derived from racial purity and informs ideological purity, because as we now know race is the only basis by which we can understand the world as it is rather than we would like it to be.

Within this however there is an element of variability given that some individuals who are otherwise racially pure are more altruistic while others are more egoistic. This is natural variation within the race and races also differ between each other in the levels that they exhibit.

This impacts purity of purpose in the reasons that people endorse National Socialism because excessive egoism and altruism are opposed to the spirit of qualified egoism and altruism advocated by National Socialism. Some people endorse National Socialism for purely egotistical and/or selfish reasons but go on to contribute greatly to it (i.e. their egoistic purpose has created an altruistic consequence), while other egoists endorse National Socialism temporarily as a way to ‘make money’ by garnishing donations from the more altruistic with pleas that they ‘need money’ for some reason or another.

This latter issue has been a problem for a long time but needs to be addressed precisely because it has become increasingly common in recent years for egoists pretending to be ‘National Socialists’ to garnish large amounts of money in donations from the faithful and then running off as soon as that source of donations has dried up. Only to return to it once other sources have similarly dried up to try and extract its replenished resources.

When our purposes are pure then we do not ask for donations, but rather we donate our time and resources to the cause that we espouse. Anyone who asks for donations without consistently donating significant amounts of their time and resources to National Socialism first almost certainly does not have purity of purpose, because they are asking the faithful to donate what they themselves are unwilling to give.

Similarly, those who have significantly donated their time and resources consistently to National Socialism over a sustained period and who feel they need to request donations. Also need to provide total transparency as to how any donations of time and resources are being used to the faithful, because without that there cannot be any trust as those are not ‘their’ resources but those of the Aryan race collectively.

And only through total transparency can trust be developed and the National Socialist show the purity of their ideology as well as of their race.

After all, unless you really believe in the cause of National Socialism then you will not devote significant amounts of your own time and resources to its propagation and then also provide that total transparency for the faithful that wish to donate their time and resources to you.

Therefore, when we talk of purity, we must acknowledge that purity of purpose only comes through purity of ideology and purity of ideology only comes from purity of race.

This is why so many so-called ‘nationalists’ hate the concept of purity so much, because it holds them to account for what they have done, what they have failed to do and also who they really are.

And that is conversely why purity is the part of the very essence of National Socialism.