The Murder of Fadi al-Batsh

The Murder of Fadi al-Batsh

On 21st April 2018 a Palestinian academic named Fadi Mohammed al-Batsh working as a Professor of Electrical Engineering in Kuala Lumpur – the capital of Malaysia – was murdered in a drive by shooting after he left the mosque in the suburb of Gombak that he was attending for morning prayers. (1) Al-Batsh was known to be a senior member of the Palestinian Islamist militant group Hamas (2) and his murder is believed to have been carried out as an assassination by Israel’s foreign intelligence agency: the Mossad. (3)

Despite the rather reluctant public denial of involvement by Israel’s Minister of Defence Avigdor Lieberman. (4) The fact remains that Israel has previous form for carrying out such murders of senior Hamas members – (5) even if they have been outside of Palestine for quite some time (in al-Batsh’s case some ten years) - (6) and while we cannot take the proclamations of Hamas and al-Batsh’s family at face value as they obviously have skin in the blame game.

The evidence so far released to the public concerning al-Batsh being murdered in a well-choreographed hit on the back of a high-powered motorcycle (7) ridden by two (8) ‘Caucasians’/’Europeans’. (9) The murderers fired ten bullets at their target while travelling at speed scoring a total of four hits. (10) All of these four hits were to al-Batsh’s head and torso and were critical enough to kill al-Batsh almost instantly. (11)

It is difficult to see this as anything other than a well-choreographed hit by an organisation with a large amount of funds behind it as well as a significant amount of operational experience (the high-powered motorcycle rather than a cheap moped) in addition to an excellent human intelligence gathering infrastructure (knowing al-Batsh’s routine in enough detail to perform the hit in the first place) and access to well-trained marksmen able to get critical hits while shooting on the move on a potentially uneven surface or odd angle.

This points not to a rival Palestinian group as Lieberman has clumsily claimed as being the ‘real culprits’, (12) but who don’t have ready access to any of the above nor much of a motivation to perform such an expensive and politically explosive hit. But rather to a foreign intelligence agency as Ahmad Zahid Hamidi – Malaysia’s Deputy Prime Minister – has pointedly declared.  (13)

That that it was a Mossad hit targeting al-Batsh as a senior member of Hamas has been already confirmed by Israeli journalist Richard Silverstein using his confidential sources within Israel’s security services. (14)

Thus, we can see the all evidence points to Fadi Mohammed al-Batsh being murdered by the Mossad for the crime of actively opposing the jewish state.



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