The open tyranny of mandatory vaccines in France

The open tyranny of mandatory vaccines in France

Since the beginning of the SARS-Cov2 scare in March 2020, the mainstream media has been at the forefront to create fear and promote supposed solutions to the made-up problem. Once public opinion has been prepared, the government steps in and announces drastic measures.

It began with mandatory masks, curfews and lockdowns followed, this has since moved on to vaccines and now mandatory vaccines. Early in 2021, Emmanuel Macron (the traitorous french president) still promised there would be no mandatory vaccine.

The message sold to the masses has been, for each and every restriction, that compliance would soon allow things to go back to how they were before the cough19 scare. When, inevitably, it didn’t happen, people getting their opinions from the media blamed non-compliance from others.

They fail to understand that their very compliance, the lack of push back, was what encouraged the traitorous governments to continue ever further in their tyrannical policies, for true public good never was among their objectives.

This progressive push to get people to accept, little by little, any outrage, has been a constant tactic that has led the West to the brink of destruction.

Almost a century ago, Hitler described the psychology at work in Mein Kampf:

A shrewd conqueror will always enforce his demands on the conquered only by stages, as far as that is possible.
Then he may be reasonably certain that a people who have lost all strength of character (which is always true of every nation that voluntarily submits to the threats of an opponent) will not find in any of these acts of oppression, if one be enforced apart from the other, sufficient grounds for taking up arms again.
The more often the conquered nation submits to extortion, the less justifiable in its eyes is the final revolt against a fresh and apparently isolated, but constantly recurring act of extortion, especially if more and greater misfortunes have already been borne in silence and with patience.

Though Western countries have not been openly conquered, they are ruled almost as hostilely as if they had been - except it makes it even harder for average people to resist against oppression, as it is very difficult psychologically to admit to oneself that the powers that be are not merely corrupt or incompetent, but actively malicious.

In June, an intense media campaign began in France to promote the idea of mandatory vaccination. The uptake rate of vaccination was falling below expectations, and this was not an acceptable outcome. Taking the vaccine (and soon enough, its quarterly boosters), giving up autonomy over one’s body, complying with “vaccine passports”, is a further step towards losing any spine and accepting voluntary servitude.

A small sample of the pro-mandatory-vax media push

The media push for mandatory vaccination was followed, once people were primed for it, by Macron’s official announcement.


French President Emmanuel Macron began his address by speaking about a surge in infections of the Covid-19 Delta variant in mainland France and its overseas territories, and urged French citizens to get vaccinated.

The Delta variant, also known as the “running nose” variant which is barely a danger, also widely affects people that have already received their two vaccination doses.

The cough19 “vaccines” are leaky: they may lessen symptoms, but they are ineffective at preventing infection and transmission. In Israel, where mass vaccination began early, vaccines have been shown to be particularly ineffective against the “Delta variant” (yes, precisely the one Macron is using to claim mandatory vaccination is needed) and to be vastly inferior to natural immunity.

This prevention of transmission is, lest we forget, the official justification to inject young healthy people with something that can cause serious side effects, while their risk of a fatal cold is effectively zero.

Official french data on cough19 mortality by age.

It still would be morally wrong to force healthy people to play the lottery with their health to delay somewhat the death of very old or very sick people; but I just want to emphasize how transparently bogus the official narrative is if one care to look.

The emperor has no clothes, but the jewed media outlets are gushing over his outfit while YouTube and Facebook are busy banning anyone pointing out his nakedness.

“If we do not act today, the number of cases will continue to increase,” he said.
Macron explained that the government was striving to achieve a 100 percent vaccination rate across the country.
Vaccination will become mandatory for all health workers. Macron urged them to be inoculated by September 15, after which they could face potential sanctions or fines. Vaccination is a “matter of individual responsibility […] but also a matter of our freedom”, the president added.


France’s health minister Olivier Véran said that non-vaccinated health workers won’t receive a salary nor be allowed to work after September 15.

Being fired and losing one’s income is true freedom. Also, bleach is a healthy drink.

He announced that a vaccination campaign for high school, secondary school and primary school students will begin when school starts again in September.

PCR tests will no longer be free of charge from the autumn, unless they are obtained with a prescription, Macron said. It is hoped the measure will drive up vaccination rates by encouraging people to get the vaccine rather than just repeated Covid-19 tests.
“This summer will be a summer of economic recovery,” he stated, adding that the ‘health passport’ – a QR code or certificate proving that the holder has a negative Covid-19 test, is fully vaccinated or recently recovered from Covid-19 – will be required throughout different establishments in France from August, including bars, restaurants, cafés and shopping centres.

A major side effect of this list is that the millions of people working in places affected by the cough passport are also effectively threatened with mandatory vaccination.

It has since been announced that establishments owners not checking the “health passport” or people going there without having one will be facing heavy fines and jail.

Hospitals are also part of the list. The government is so concerned about people’s health that they’d rather have someone die from a lack of treatment for another condition, than be admitted in a hospital without being injected with the “vaccine” or having to pay and wait for a test result.

The rate of vaccination has slowed in the country: France has gone from an average of more than 400,000 injections a day at the end of May to about 165,000 injections per day currently. Around 40 percent of the population has received two doses of a Covid-19 vaccine, while 53.1 percent has received one dose.

A direct goal of Macron’s announcement was to create fear and push reluctant people into receiving an experimental injection.

It remains to be seen what will be the next move of the tyrannical government if this does not result in the expected compliance.