The Power of /Pol/

4Chan and 8Chan’s /Pol/ (Politically Incorrect) boards have for several years been a major force in right-wing nationalist activism in both the United States and abroad. The specialities of the /pol/ boards are in focusing the power of ‘weaponised autism’ on specific issues or people to find out the reality of a situation as well as simply trolling and mercilessly mocking those who would raise their fists or voices against people of European racial descent.

Examples of signal successes achieved by /pol/ have been trolling Pepe – the cartoon green frog – into being a major ‘symbol of hate’, disrupting the Zimmerman trial by flooding its communication accounts with contact requests and calls, completely annihilating jewish actor Shia Labeouf’s anti-Trump campaign HWNDU (‘He Will Not Divide Us’) and doxing Antifa member Eric Clanton – aka Bike Lock Guy – for sneakily hitting a Trump supporter over the head with a bike lock at a protest on surveillance footage alone within twenty-four hours of the attack happening, which information lead police to charge him with the offence.

In essence /pol/ serves as the nationalist right’s version of the NSA and has even developed some infrastructure similar to that used by CIA in that in the example of the various HWNDU operations it involved members of the /pol/ boards conducting surveillance as well as planning and carrying out operations on the ground.

The power of /pol/ is the fact that unlike the NSA and CIA it has no organised structure and thus is a voluntary association that behaves on the pure consent of its members in the true sense of anarchism. /Pol/ does what it likes and the views that win out on /pol/ are those with both the most rhetorically skilled adherents and based in observable facts.

Now you could argue that radical views are subject to group-think like any other, but what this overlooks is that anyone is free to make their case on /pol/ and the most radical views win out because they have the most eloquent adherents and because they are the most persuasive based on the observable data that can be found in the internet.

This is why race-realism and anti-Semitism are so prevalent on /pol/, because once you break the ingrained positive prejudice towards anyone or anything described as ‘jewish’ that is ingrained in every child that has been educated in the Western world in the last half century. Then you begin to realise that you have always known that jews were powerful – after all just about everyone in the West is aware that jews are frequently ‘the best’ accountants, bankers, doctors and lawyers as well as that they all but own Hollywood – and look at the decrepit state of Western society and power.

It is not difficult to make the causal connection between what Albert Lindemann has termed ‘the rise of the jews’ and the decline of the West.

Despite many loud spittle-flecked objections that have been raised to this – which are inevitably based almost entirely on blaming ‘mysterious forces’ that have no agency of their own such as ‘liberalism’ and ‘communism’ and/or claims that because such and such a jew has done something perceived as beneficial then there is no causal connection between the rise of the jews and the decline of the West – the simple, observable facts in numerous civilisations and societies from Ptolemaic Egypt to Imperial Rome to the British Empire and the Austro-Hungarian Empire suggest that the more influential jews become in a civilisation or society. Then the further that said civilisation or society declines.

I am sure that there will be further angry incoherent objections to this essential truth at this point, but this doesn’t undermine the fundamental fact that this correlation exists and the causation can be easily documented by simply reading acquainting oneself with the standard histories of the civilisations and societies under consideration and simply read between the lines.

Ideas do not create or destroy civilisations: people do.

People may hide behind an idea, but they are still people and what motivates them is less the ‘truth of the idea’ but rather their own individual psychology, experiences and biological formation.

That is the fundamental and observable truth that won out on /pol/ years ago in debates that are difficult for outsiders without a knowledge of the unique cant of the Chans and image board culture to follow.

This has meant that /pol/ has become the anonymous version of the CIA and NSA for the radical racialist right around the world and is the epitome of Louis Beam’s concept of ‘Leaderless Resistance’.

You cannot behead a movement that has no acknowledged leadership and which is based upon voluntary association and voluntary action. This is the power of the /pol/. It is a hydra with thousands upon thousands of heads that need to be cut off individually in order to kill its reach.

Even the traditional way of killing a mere hundred-headed hydra – to attack the body itself not the heads – would not work, because if one takes down the /pol/board. Then – as Moot discovered when he purged 4Chan’s /pol/ board because he was upset by what was discussed – /pol/ simply reconstitutes itself elsewhere – in this case 8Chan – and what Moot ended up creating was two hydras with thousands of heads rather than just one.

/Pol/ is the finest example of the power of leaderless resistance that there has ever been eclipsing even that advocated by the precursor groups to Islamic State, which struck at the Western troops in Iraq during the decade long insurgency there following on from the US invasion in 2003. While the Islamists were fighting a deranged religious war against the West and relied on rudimentary infrastructure, which suits their style of traditional guerrilla war.

It was /pol/ who took this to the next level by taking the concept of leaderless resistance high tech by making it fun to – to paraphrase Rage against the Machine – ‘take the power back’ and fight an online guerrilla war of anonymous proxies, doxing and memes against the humourless, circumcised self-appointed guardians of acceptable public discourse and morality.

It was /pol/ that created the revolution that then petered into the failure that was the Alt-Right and it would be a tragedy if this knowledge was obscured or even lost to future historians of the nationalist revolution that is just beginning its long campaign to retake and rebuild the West into something harder, faster and stronger than has ever existed.