The Shitskin Invasion of Britain Continues

The Shitskin Invasion of Britain Continues

According to the BBC – but not widely reported – there has been a massive uptick in immigrants landing in the south of Britain after setting off on disposable inflatable craft from France to the UK. On 19th July alone at least 493 new shitskins… sorry ‘refugees’… landed in the English county of Kent, while a further 241 shitskins swarmed over on 18th July and these sorts of numbers have been a daily occurrence since September 2020.

Naturally enough the jewish-dominated ultra-woke BBC is alarmed at this, but not for the reason you might think. You’d think the BBC as a state broadcaster paid for by a stealth tax and supposedly – according to its charter at least – ‘apolitical’ would have a problem with this and it does, but their problem is that with these sorts of daily immigration numbers the English, Welsh, Scottish and Irish natives might get a bit upset at the hordes of invading kebabs and nappyheads.

So, while they had to report the fact in order to pretend they are adhering to their charter; they also had Dominic Casciani – the ‘Home and Legal Correspondent’ – write an ‘analysis’ arguing that it was the ‘duty’ of Britain to take these shitskins because Britain hasn’t taken her ‘fair share’ yet.

Casciani writes that:

‘Excluding the pandemic period, the UK consistently receives far fewer asylum applications than comparable nations. In 2019, some 45,000 sought asylum in the UK. That's about a third of the number in France - and 1% of the total number of refugees marooned in Turkey following the war in Syria.

The current rate of arrivals aren't even a record in UK terms. They             average out at 39 a day and, on 2019's figures, are about a third of all asylum applicants.

But more importantly, the total is seven times lower than the records seen during the Tony Blair years.’

You see what I mean by his analysis being heavily skewed to ‘you need more diversity bigots’.

Casciani is here engaging in the usual numerical shell-game of comparing captured illegal immigrants to the total number of asylum applications.

The problem with this is firstly that these individuals are not ‘arriving’ – a cute way of trying to render ‘invade’ or ‘illegally immigrant’ to sound less harmful – but rather are illegally immigrating from a perfectly safe country (aka France and they shouldn’t also be in France in the first place) to another country illegally not ‘seeking shelter from immediate harm and persecution’ (aka refugees). So, they aren’t ‘asylum seekers’ even if they later attempt to claim political asylum.

Secondly the number of refugees ‘marooned in Turkey’ – notice the term ‘marooned’ implying that Europe needs to ‘invite them in’ so they are no longer ‘marooned’ – is irrelevant because you are only obligated to take refugees from a warzone that is along your border and Turkey is on the border with Syria. So these are actual refugees and ‘asylum seekers’ in Turkey but would not be in Europe.

Thirdly his numbers shell game of – it is only 39 a day – is a way of playing a game with the numbers as it calculates to '14,040 illegal immigrants who came over on boats that the police and coastguard actually caught’ a year not there were '14,040 immigrants’ a year which is what Casciani is implying. In other words; he is claiming that immigration is actually much lower – hence the Tony Blair reference – but unlike Casciani I don’t play the numbers shell game.

Instead, I ask Brits to look around their country; how brown, black and Islamic have major cities gotten now and also notice how minor cities are also increasingly non-white ghettoised war-zones more resembling Baghdad than Birmingham?

Does it really seem like only 14,040 shitskins a year are turning up in Britain?

If not – as the reality on the ground bears out – then you can see that the BBC and journalists like Dominic Casciani are lying to you by misrepresenting the reality on the ground by using favourable statistics to bamboozle you like how Brazil claimed that it had massively decreased its murder rate before the Rio Olympics when all it had actually done was moved some of its murder rate from major to minor cities.

In other words, lies, damned lies and statistics.