The Situation in Afghanistan Continues to Deteriorate

The Situation in Afghanistan Continues to Deteriorate

I’ve written several times in recent weeks about the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan and the massive Taliban offensive against the Afghan government that has been going as well as the response for countries bordering Afghanistan.

An idea of just how strong the Taliban has become can be gleaned from the fact that they recently shelled the Afghan Presidential Palace with rockets during Eid prayers (although the Taliban have denied this probably due to it violating their own Eid combat policies to be ‘on the defensive’ during the principle Islamic holiday) and are directly threatening, or fighting for, most of Afghanistan’s provincial capitals. All of which has happened since President Joe Biden’s 14th April 2021 announcement of the withdrawal of US forces from the country.

Unsurprisingly the US intelligence community is already forecasting a complete Taliban victory in a matter of months and nor are the Taliban inclined to show any mercy for the Afghan government or their forces as the Taliban has already been caught on video engaging in the mass execution of captured Afghan Special Forces in a manner similar to Islamic State in Iraq and Syria as well as reportedly killing an internationally known Afghan photojournalist named Danish Siddiqui in the town of Spin Boldak. This is probably both an act of vengeance on their part and also intended to compete with Islamic State – who have an estimated few hundred fighters in the country who have recently defected from the Taliban to Islamic State (no small amount given the Taliban’s own relative lack of manpower) – famous for their polished videos showing exactly that.

Based on this Afghanistan’s neighbours as well as world powers with significant interests in the region such as China and Russia are reportedly increasing their support for the country’s embattled government – despite the Taliban’s attempts at diplomacy to stop just this – while the head of the country’s army Wali Mohammed Ahmadzai is to visit India (another key regional power and supporter of the Afghan government) to ask for arms and military support.

An unexpected development from the foreign policy arena has been the fact that Australia is already talking about returning troops to Afghanistan to ‘monitor the Taliban’ while bizarrely the country’s imported leftists are shrieking about the need to re-occupy the country to ‘promote liberal morals and values’.

Predictably the mainstream media has been hedging its bets on the issue of what is going in Afghanistan with both Julian Fisher in ‘Russia Today’ and Ashis Ray in ‘The Spectator’ refusing to make a call as to who is going to win this ongoing shitskin squabble. While I am not going to say definitively that one side or another is going to win. I think on balance it is likely to be the Taliban as even with a return of substantial foreign forces; the Afghan government would only be able to control a small part of the country and even then, just the cities and the Taliban is not the one compromising in current peace talks.

It is also likely that there will not be substantial Western intervention – the increasingly bankrupt US for a start can’t afford to dump trillions into fighting another pointless and unpopular war in a strategically relevant but economically and civilizationally unviable shithole but is willing to continue a reduced program of airstrikes – but there may be an attempt to use small deployment of Western, Russian and/or Chinese troops in cities like Kabul to act as a breakwater between the Afghan government and the Taliban.

This all depends very heavily on whether the Taliban is able to present itself as a credible government to the major powers and whether the West will allow the Taliban to take back control of the country thus proving beyond any argument that the West lost the war in Afghanistan.

That the US and its allies lost the war (despite their claims that they haven’t as well as media spin and the fact the fighting has gotten worse since US forces left) and that all the dollars, death and destruction were ultimately nothing but a meaningless sacrifice of Aryan men and women on the altar of mammon by chicken hawk neo-conservatives sitting in Washington D.C. – remember neo-con academics like Francis Fukuyama talking about ‘nation-building’ then walking it back and blaming everyone else a few years later when his delusions failed to metastasize a ‘new democracy’ – who were primarily jewish.

So the 2,312 US military personnel who have been killed as well as the 20,066 who have been wounded in Afghanistan war between 2001 and 2021 literally died for nothing – as US veterans are now angrily talking about – but the whims of largely unelected jewish apparatchiks in the Whitehouse serving as proxies for the state of Israel.

What did the US taxpayers get for the more than $2 trillion they spent on fighting the Afghan war and building up the Afghan government?

Nothing but blood, bodies and bleeding wallets.

Oh but no my friends it gets even better.

Now the heavily jewish Biden administration is beginning to ship thousands and estimates suggest it is over 20,000 over to the US mainland – again at your cost – and the first group of 2,500 shitskins has already arrived in Virginia. To support this the media have been pushing the narrative of mass executions by the Taliban but especially the targeted execution of former Afghan interpreters for US forces so thus we ‘need’ to ‘rescue’ all the Afghans who worked for the US government and its allies as paid employees.

Note that last bit: they were paid employees and did very well out of it by all accounts. They also acquired at least a bit of combat experience and/or military training during their time working for the US military and its allies. So why instead of sitting on their arses bleating about how they ‘need to be rescued’ don’t they join the Afghan government’s military or police and take the fight to the Taliban rather than demand a ‘new life’ in the United States and elsewhere?

Don’t be deceived into thinking they just want ‘freedom’ my friends such ‘harmless Afghans’ have been responsible for recent Islamist terror attacks in Germany as well as in Sweden. Joe Biden and his jewish handlers have just imported 2,500 future shitskin terrorists into the US (nor is the US the only country doing this as Canada is quietly engaging in a similar policy) and they want you to both pay the bill and serve as cannon fodder for the inevitable Islamist terror attacks – sorry ‘domestic terrorism largely perpetrated by right-wing extremists’ as we cannot blame shitskins for their actions can we? -  while they hand over your homes, jobs and daughters to these third world rejects in the name of ‘progress’.

I say fuck them.

This shit has simply got to stop.

We need the Fourth Reich now.