The Sodomite Revolution Eats Itself

The Sodomite Revolution Eats Itself

According to ‘The Christian Institute’ the following hilarity has ensued in the increasingly Woke UK:

‘A barrister is suing Stonewall and her legal chambers, arguing that the charity applied pressure on them to have her investigated for affirming men cannot become women.

Allison Bailey, who helped to found the LGB Alliance, says she was silenced “because both my chambers and Stonewall treat people such as me, who hold gender critical beliefs, as being bigoted and unworthy of respect”.

Her case comes as tax consultant Maya Forstater’s claim that ‘gender critical’ beliefs are protected by equality law was upheld by an Employment Appeal Tribunal.

Bailey released an email from Stonewall to Garden Court Chambers, in which the charity warns that the Chambers’ association with the barrister “puts us in a difficult position with yourselves”.

The email accuses Bailey of “calling our work on LGBT equality ‘gender extremism’” and “accusing Stonewall of ‘appalling levels of intimidation, fear and coercion’”. It also linked to several tweets the lawyer had ‘liked’ and ‘retweeted’ affirming biological sex.

The email said: “These actions and their link to Garden Court Chambers, threatens the positive relationship yourselves have built with the trans community”.

Stonewall’s legal bid to strike out Bailey’s case was rejected in February by Judge Holly Stout.

The judge said the bid “plainly seeks to put pressure on Chambers to take action against the Claimant”.

She added that Stonewall was “urging Chambers to remove the Claimant from Chambers”, accompanying this with a threat about their relationship going forward.’

Now the amusing thing here is that the ‘LGB Alliance’ is just another ‘Stonewall’– which for those of you who don’t know is principal element of Britain’s homosexual lobby and pretends to be a ‘charity’ when it is in reality something akin to a corporate lobbying group – but with less of the deranged ‘gender identity’ nonsense as the sodomites at the ‘LGB Alliance’ and Bailey have rather belatedly realised that the ‘gender identity’ logic – which claims that gender is not biological in origin but rather a social construct and thus ‘fluid’ (hence ‘genderfluid’) renders sodomites and dykes as ‘gender confused’ and also means that a sodomite should have sex with a woman who ‘identifies’ as a man without complaint and vice versa. If they don’t then you are – OMG – ‘transphobic’ and nor is this my logic either as it has been repeatedly used.

This is another example of how the so-called ‘Sexual Revolution’ has ended up eating itself with the pansies, poofters and bra-burning dyke’s now no longer being the cause de jour but rather the cause the yesterday and if anything, exponents of the blackest reaction against the ‘new sexual revolution’ where we are all no gender at all and are supposed to have no sexual boundaries anymore.

I mean are you a kink-shaming fat-phobic transphobe?

I know I am because quite frankly if you need to get your rocks off by getting tortured by a fat shemale in drag then you not only need a lot of significant mental help, but you also need a good old-fashioned kick in the nuts.

Oh wait… but they’d enjoy that right?