The Suspicious Death of John McAfee

The Suspicious Death of John McAfee

The world was greeted yesterday morning with the news that software magnate and pioneer of anti-virus software John McAfee had ‘committed suicide’ in a Spanish prison in Barcelona and been ‘found dead’ in his cell on Wednesday 23rd June 2021. Hours after the Spanish High Court approved an extradition request from the United States for McAfee based on charges of tax evasion.

We don’t yet know the details of McAfee’s death but there is already a push to silence discussion about whether McAfee did in fact ‘commit suicide’ or was simply murdered on Spanish soil to avoid what he may or may not know being brought out into the light day because McAfee was a difficult man to control at the best of times. This might be why media outlets as diverse as Beijing-controlled Hong Kong’s ‘South China Morning Post’, Moscow’s ‘Russia Today’ and London’s ‘Financial Times’ have been openly pooh-poohing the idea even though there is some evidence that foul play may well be involved.

This evidence is relatively simple.

Firstly McAfee stated in a tweet on 15th October 2020 that: ‘Know that if I hang myself, a la Epstein, it will be no fault of mine’ and now on 23rdJune 2021 McAfee was – like Epstein – found hanged his cell and his death has been immediately touted as ‘suicide’ just like Epstein’s was.

Secondly McAfee’s lawyer Javier Villalba has stated that he saw no indication or thoughts of suicide in McAfee.

Third McAfee’s wife Janice on 20thJune 2021 ‘published a statement claiming that the US government wanted her husband to “die in prison” to “make an example of him for speaking out against corruption within their government agencies.”

“There is no hope for him ever having a fair trial in America because there is no longer any justice in America,” she declared, before concluding that the eight months her husband had spent in jail had been “hard on his overall health both mentally and physically.”’

Fourthly McAfee’s Instagram account published a post that was just the letter ‘Q’ several hours after his death and then the post was mysteriously removed.

It is far too early to say for sure but there is enough that is not quite right here to make you wonder: did McAfee kill himself or was he killed?

The establishment around the world has very quickly and prematurely jumped on the former conclusion without even considering the latter one and has even taken to suggesting this later conclusion is… well… a delusion. Even though no post-mortem has been conducted, no report has been released and very little documentation has come out at all.

Their evidence for this is simply: the Spanish police said so which is not proof of anything much other than the Spanish police’s official opinion and let’s be honest. The Spanish police – or police anywhere for that matter – are not going to be keen to admit someone was murdered inside their own prison and suicide – while still a headache – is far less of an issue because it does happen in prisons with a saddening regularity and can be blamed on various ‘factors’ and doesn’t require a deep and far-ranging public investigation.

McAfee was unstable and a drug-user to be sure but we may assume he was off drugs and was being mentally-cared for/treated in the prison in Barcelona, which means that he was likely of sound mind and not engaging in unhinged, irrational behaviour which are the cornerstone of the mainstream media defence of the absolute claims of ‘suicide’ prior to the post-mortem and police investigation.

McAfee’s lawyer Javier Villalba’s statement is not evidence that McAfee couldn’t have killed himself – suicidal people are well-known to be able to hide their intentions from their nearest and dearest – but it is evidence of McAfee’s broad state of mind and that he wasn’t remotely unstable at the time of his death.

Janice McAfee’s statements are a mixed bag because they go to suggest that McAfee’s mental and physical health had significantly deteriorated – which contradicts Villalba’s statement to a degree – but also rather interestingly suggest that McAfee had something on the US government.

Ergo the reference to ‘corruption within their government agencies’ which can be read specifically or just as a generic bland statement but yet would link nicely with McAfee’s focus on Epstein’s death for having similar ‘knowledge of corruption within government agencies’ (which is pretty much incontrovertible now) as well as McAfee’s own statements that the charges against him were ‘politically motivated’.

The ‘Q’ post on Instagram hours after his death is perhaps the weakest of all the evidence even though it superficially looks the strongest because we have no evidence of who posted it and Instagram seems to think it may well have been a third party and not McAfee which would also fit the timeline of when it was posted.

This is easy to work out if you ask yourself what the ‘Q’ was supposed to indicate:

- Was McAfee telling people he was ‘Q’?

- Is ‘Q’ marking McAfee’s death as a ‘Deep State’ action?

- Was McAfee or someone linked to his account trying to link him to ‘QAnon’?

- Was McAfee’s Instagram account hacked by someone who published the ‘Q’ post?

None of these explanations make much sense at all apart from the last one, because there was no need for McAfee to reference ‘Q’ and all the ‘Q’ would do is cause the ‘QAnon’ crowd to go into (another) pointless frenzy (which is what has already happened) and do precisely nothing.

Therefore, while there is a significant circumstantial evidence that McAfee could well have been murdered in his Spanish prison cell in Barcelona before he got to US shores to start disclosing what he knew. It is not enough to say for sure, but we can say that the premature absolute claims of ‘suicide’ are hogwash as this is only one of the possible conclusions and we can also state that this almost certainly has nothing to do with the mysterious ‘Q’ who is supposedly ‘reporting from inside the Deep State’ to a handful of ‘interpreters’ for the ‘QAnon’ believers.

So thus while McAfee was a serial degenerate and ardent race traitor; he was also quite possibly murdered in his prison cell in Barcelona by the System for what exact reasons we do not know but we do know that something is off about the manner and timing of his death.