Thomas Sewell: Martyr for National Socialism

Thomas Sewell: Martyr for National Socialism

Thomas Sewell – the Australian leader of European Australian Movement (EAM) and also involved in the National Socialist Network (NSN) – has been charged with ‘armed robbery, robbery, theft, criminal damage, affray with face covering, affray, assault with a weapon, violent disorder, common law assault and committing an indictable offence whilst on bail’ but the principle charges on this ‘we’ll get him with something’ approach to law by the Australian government – which has also seen him denied bail for being a ‘danger to the community’ (which community one wonders? Presumably of the circumcised variety) – for what appears to have been preventing an attempt to dox (and thus attempt to ruin the lives of) members of the EAM and/or NSN by several ‘random individuals’ who ‘happened to recognize’ some of the iconography (doubtful but anyway) at a car park near Sugarloaf Peak, Victoria and some of the group believed – rightly or wrongly – that several ‘random individuals’ were actually members of the violent terrorist group Antifa.

According to ABC Australian’s report the sequence of events happened liked this:

  • One of the two cars with some ‘random individuals’ in it (including the one who was filming) was surrounded by 17 members of EAM/NSN – including Sewell – who despite being ‘armed with knives’ ‘punched and kicked’ said car and Sewell is alleged to have broken the front passenger window with a punch. This is apparently backed up my DNA evidence from blood on the window glass.
  • The person filming Sewell and the members of EAM/NSN threw his own phone out of the car window and the ‘random individuals’ in the first car drove away without being molested.
  • The members of EAM/NSN then proceeded to tell the ‘random individuals’ standing next to the second car ‘not to move’ and then allowed them to drive off unmolested once it was clear there was no issue with the EAM/NSN members being recorded against their will.

Now the problem for the Australian government – or rather the jews and their myrmidons that actually run it (after all the jewish Australian MP Michael Danby ‘accidentally’ let serial jewish paedophile Malka Leifer flee the country) – is that Sewell obviously didn’t commit ‘armed robbery’, ‘robbery’, ‘theft’ or ‘assault with a weapon’ as by their own account he didn’t steal or take anything nor did he force the person videoing the EAM/NSN members (possibly illegally) to hand over their property and there is no suggestion anywhere that I can find (let alone evidence) that Sewell was actually armed although some of the EAM/NSN members may have been (and we only have the ‘random individuals’ claims about that as far as I can see).

The ‘affray with face covering’ charge begs the question of how they can prove that if they knew it was Sewell but he had ‘his face covered’hello Kung Flu mask policies but anyway – while the rest of the charges related to ‘common assault’/’affray’/’criminal damage’ are probably at least legally fair as far as such obviously politically-motivated charges can be.

Amusingly at least some of so-called ‘random individuals’ are now ‘too scared’ to ‘give statements’ for no apparent reason other than vague ‘fears’ (after all who is going to hurt them with the Australian state protecting and rewarding them?) and thus one wonders what their real motivation is for this strange nervous behaviour.

Maybe the fear of committing perjury?

Who knows? It surely would not be a shock to learn however that the events near Sugarloaf Peak were not quite so innocent as the ‘random individuals’ are seeking to portray them.

Why does the Australian government want to ‘keep Sewell away from his group’?

Well, that is rather obvious because Sewell is the personification of what the modern anarchist writer Chris Hedges was terrified of in his ‘The Death of the Liberal Class’: the Charismatic Nationalist Demagogue who practices what he preaches. Nor is the word ‘demagogue’ a negative one despite the bile spat at it by all so-called ‘champions of democracy’ because all a demagogue really is someone in touch with the beliefs and opinions of the people rather than the self-satisfied presumptuous elite.

Great demagogues throughout history have included some illustrious names as Demosthenes, Pericles, Julius Caesar, Mark Anthony, St. Bernard of Clairvaux right on down to Rev. Charles Coughlin, Benito Mussolini, José Antonio Primo de Rivera and, of course, Adolf Hitler himself.

Now we can add another name to that list: Thomas Sewell.

Why would I put Sewell in such illustrious company?

He speaks plainly and honestly – as Pliny the Younger advises one correspondent in his famous letters – and he means what he says as well as practices what he preaches, and the people respond to it while the out-of-touch elite hate him for it out of jealousy and sheer spite.

This is why Sewell has circa 12,500 followers on the Telegram app alone in spite of repeated attempts to persecute him and shut him down while one Detective Senior Constable Michael Taylor could describe him as:

‘As someone with remarkable grandiosity of himself and the white race, who is unwavering in his belief that the white race is being eradicated by other races and religions.’

In other words: Sewell believes in the total victory of the Aryan race, describes himself as ‘a political soldier for the white race’ and has declared that ‘Adolf Hitler is my leader’.

Which is of course high praise indeed coming from Taylor who is the Australian government’s version of a human rubbish collector who has just discovered a golden ring in the proverbial bin bag and can’t quite believe it.

All I can say that if Sewell continues with the course that he has charted and stands strong in the face of jewish lies and the system’s attempts to confound a nationalist resurgence in Australia. Then he will truly be a ‘Man Against Time’ and a Martyr for National Socialism in our time.