Two Afghans Rape and Murder Thirteen-Year-Old Austrian Girl

Two Afghans Rape and Murder Thirteen-Year-Old Austrian Girl

The list of reasons for forcibly deporting all shitskins from Europe continues to grow as soon after a nigger from Somalia murdered three Aryans in the name of Islam in Würzburg, Germany; two Afghans – with the connivance of a Syrian – have raped and murdered a young Austrian girl in Vienna which is simply not being reported much beyond the German-speaking world.

To quote ‘Germany in 24’:

‘In the case of the murder of a 13-year-old girl in Vienna-Donaustadt who was found dead on Saturday morning, leaning against a tree, numerous questions remain unanswered. According to the police’s findings so far, the girl had apparently gone to the older man’s apartment with two acquaintances, a 16-year-old and an 18-year-old Afghan. There she is said to have been given drugs in order to “make her compliant”, as state police president Gerhard Pürstl announced at a joint press conference with Interior Minister Karl Nehammer, then she was sexually abused and later suffocated. The young girl named Leonie was found on the street not far from the 18-year-old alleged perpetrator’s apartment.

According to the investigating authorities, it is unclear whether the girl took other drugs in addition to ecstasy; a toxicological report should now clarify that. It is also checked how the girl was transported from the alleged crime scene to the street and whether other people were in the apartment at the time of the crime. Advice from neighbors that she may have been carried out of the house in a carpet was declared by the police to be definitely wrong. The two alleged perpetrators were questioned on Tuesday after the 18-year-old was arrested in a pizzeria and the 16-year-old on the Danube Island.

According to police spokesman Markus Dittrich, the younger of the two alleged perpetrators has been silent so far, the older, however, commented on the allegations; but denies his involvement according to media reports. So far it is not known whether he states that he does not want to have anything to do with the crime, whether he does not want to have been at the scene or whether he states that he did not know the girl. A whistleblower, a young Syrian, had previously brought the police on the trail of the older man after he had talked to him and the Afghan, according to the police, had apparently shown “perpetrator knowledge”.

The parents of the dead, who actually lives in Lower Austria, identified their daughter in Vienna on Monday. Around the place where the girl was found, Viennese citizens and relatives of the 13-year-old laid flowers and set up candles.’

Now whatever we may think of the 13-year-old runaway and the fact that she was shacking up – probably naively and as a way to rebel against her parents – with two much older Afghans and a Syrian. The fact remains that she is fundamentally the victim here and her naivete stupidity did play a significant role in her rape and murder, but more fundamental is the role played by her shitskin murderers and in particular the two Afghans.

Also responsible is the criminal government of Austria which has allowed these cockroaches to roam free without significant control or restraint in Vienna and its hinterland causing tragic deaths such as this.

As the article in ‘Germany in 24’ makes very clear this is not a one-off affair for these sub-human criminals:

‘Part of the heated debate about the murder of the youth is also the background of the two alleged perpetrators. The younger one had only come to Austria this year and applied for asylum; he was previously considered innocent. The 18-year-old, however, already has a long official file: he came to the country in 2015, at the age of twelve, as an unaccompanied minor refugee. A year later he was granted subsidiary protection. In recent years, however, he has received 11 reports of drug trafficking, dangerous threats and brawling. In 2018 he was sentenced to two months probation for the first time, and then in 2019 to another ten weeks. Last year he was detained for ten months for robbery, but was released early after only two months. The reasons for this are currently being re-examined.

But not only his investigation file, but also his asylum file is extensive. In October 2019, the Federal Office for Immigration and Asylum (BFA) revoked his protection status because of his numerous legal violations, whereupon he lodged a complaint; the proceedings are currently pending at the Federal Administrative Court. So far, however, he has not been deported. However, according to Austrian media, the Federal Administrative Court would have had the opportunity, due to the long criminal record, to have him removed from the country immediately after he reached the age of majority. We are currently investigating why this did not happen.’

So let me put it this way; the Austrian ‘government’ is happy to spend months of security service time to arrest and charge my good friend ‘Mr. Bond’ for ‘promoting National Socialism’ – which is a literal thought crime by-the-way (where are the Libertarians and their ‘principles’ now?) – that carries a potentially hefty prison sentence because… well… ‘Nazis’.

Yet suddenly they are so fucking incompetent that an Afghan ‘refugee’ that has already racked up 11 criminal convictions, given probation twice, was then imprisoned for robbery and released early (no doubt because he was a ‘good boi dindu nuffin’ aka ‘Brown Privilege’) and then he promptly rapes and murders a 13-year-old Austrian girl while he was supposed to have been deported back to Afghanistan around October 2019 after his asylum was revoked due to his criminality.

And you know what is so much worse?

What the ORF (‘Österreichischer Rundfunk’ = ‘Austrian Public Radio’) correspondent had to say about this little girl’s rape and murder:

‘At the press conference on Tuesday, Interior Minister Nehammer emphasized the obvious: Anyone coming to Austria must show willingness to integrate and abide by the law. Those who do not do that must consequently expect to be deported to their country of origin. At the beginning of the press conference, an ORF journalist asked whether “enough attention is being given to young Afghans”. This is about “asylum seekers who, apart from war, only experienced war in their home country. Regardless of what they did, Austria shouldn’t do more when it comes to trauma?”’

The absolute cunt of a journalist responds to the Afghan’s rape and murder of an Austrian child by implying he was subject to the ‘trauma of war’ and that the Austrian people and their ‘government’ should do more for the poor little traumatized shitskin.

You know what would fix the little kebab rapist and murder’s trauma?

The guillotine.

If the Austrian ‘government’ had any sense, they would revive the National Socialist practice of simply getting rid of such sub-human social detritus by guillotining, hanging or shooting them after they were found guilty.

Are we surprised at this point that Afghans – who remember Biden administration is busy trying import in the tens of thousands into the United States – and Syrians who came to Europe as so-called ‘refugees’ are raping little European girls when Aryan men and women have allowed them to not only invade our land but to stay in it and leach off of the Aryan man’s bounty.

The only way we are going to able to stop such tragedies as this happening again is for Aryan men and women to stand up and be counted because while the ‘White Man’s Burden’ was to Kipling the heavy burden of Aryans civilizing non-Aryans; the ‘Aryan Man’s Burden’ lies in taking back all the formerly Aryan ruled territory that was bargained and given away by self-interested traitors, lying leftists and jews.

Stand up and be counted!