Two Niggers Charged with Date Raping and Murdering White Woman in Miami

Two Niggers Charged with Date Raping and Murdering White Woman in Miami

According to David Ovalle writing in the ‘Miami Herald’ the case against two niggers arrested for date raping and murdering a white mudshark in Miami for Spring Break.

He writes how:

‘Miami prosecutors are weighing whether to upgrade criminal charges against two men accused of raping a South Beach tourist after an autopsy report revealed that she died, in part, because of fentanyl and alcohol.

According to an autopsy report obtained by the Herald, 24-year-old Christine Englehardt, of Pennsylvania, died from being in a “prone             position” while under the influence of alcohol and fentanyl, a drug that may have been given to her by one of the men.

Englehardt was found dead on March 18 inside her room at the Albion Hotel. Miami Beach police later arrested two men, Evoire Collier and Dorian Taylor, of North Carolina, and charged them with sexual battery, burglary with battery, credit card fraud and petty theft.

As of Monday, their charges had not changed. “Homicide charges are being investigated,” said State Attorney’s spokesman Ed Griffith.

Defense lawyers for Collier, 21, declined to comment. Liesbeth Boots, the defense attorney for Taylor, said: “We will vigorously defend Mr. Taylor in court.”

Both men have pleaded not guilty and remain awaiting trial in a             Miami-Dade jail.’’

According to an arrest report, Collier confessed that he and Taylor met the woman at a restaurant and that Taylor gave the girl a “green pill” as they walked on Ocean Drive.

Police said that by the time the two got Englehardt to the Albion Hotel, she could barely stand and Taylor had to hold her up as they got in the               elevator. The arrest report said that the men sexually assaulted her in her room even as she fell unconscious, then stole her cellphone and credit cards before leaving.

The Miami-Dade Medical Examiner’s Office conducted extensive               toxicology tests before pronouncing a cause of death.’

There is little to say here other that Englehardt has become… well… a statistic and we are at the point now – as Joseph Stalin reportedly said – ‘one death is a tragedy but one million is just a statistic’.

Despite the well-known dangers based on the reputation of niggers for murdering and raping with abandon – which despite the mainstream media’s propaganda is well-known even among the co-eds of the most liberal of colleges - Englehardt entertained the two nigger’s sexual proposals at the Miami restaurant they met her at and went back to her hotel room with them despite being obviously drunk and also increasingly unable to function to due to the fentanyl in her system.

The nigger’s behaviour of raping her unconscious body and then stealing everything she owned is the predictable conduct of the sub-human arboreal creatures that they are, but her conduct of even allowing them the opportunity to spike her drink with fentanyl – which for some reason they thought was a date rape pill (yes I know… niggers) – is utterly inexcusable and suggests that sadly she was an incurable mudshark who paid the toll for buying into the myth that ‘black guys are better in bed’ (they aren’t despite what the jewish-run porn tries to tell you).

Maybe she didn’t have an appropriate father figure in her life or possibly she had low self-esteem fostered by our god-awful education system – which turns out a lot of entitled whores and effeminate soybois – but regardless; it was her responsibility to educate herself and pay attention to her surroundings.

Getting drunk on Spring Break and then going back to your hotel room to have a threesome with two niggers is not a YOLO but a YOTO experience: you only try it once because you don’t tend to live to tell everyone about it.

In a National Socialist America these two niggers would have been publicly kerb-stomped for even looking at a white woman the wrong way, but sadly we do not live in a National Socialist America but rather the Jewnited States.