Two Satanists Confess to ‘Occult Murders’ in Russia

Two Satanists Confess to ‘Occult Murders’ in Russia

According to ‘Russia Today’ two self-declared ‘Satanists’ have confessed to committing two previously unknown cannibalistic murders in the country.

We are told that:

‘Two Satan-worshippers have reportedly been detained by Russian cops after they confessed to committing grisly murders out in the remote             woodlands of the country's Far North before apparently cutting up and even eating the corpses.

News site Mash splashed the gruesome details on Thursday, naming the occult-loving duo as Andrey Tregubenko and Olga Bolshakova, living in the capital, Moscow. They had apparently been initially called in for questioning by police on drugs charges, before making the gory admission that they were responsible for the deaths of two young people in the forests of Karelia, which borders Finland, Sweden and Norway.

The victims were said to have been lured out to the vast region by             Tregubenko and Bolshakova, who then proceeded to dismember their bodies and eat them.

A missing-persons notification dating back to 2016 identifies the two dead people as Platon Stepanov and Viktoria Zaitseva, both aged 27 at the time they vanished.

According to Mash, while friends and relatives were searching for the murdered pair, Tregubenko and Bolshakova kept the whereabouts of the bodies a secret.’

It is tempting to dismiss such vile acts the products of diseased minds and not of Satanism itself, but this would be wrong precisely because Satanism (Traditional and LaVeyian) thrives on the idea of being transgressive as a means in and of itself. Satanism – again both Traditional and LaVeyian – believes that in order to attain power then one must commit to a Nietzschean ‘transvaluation of all values’ to oppose all current social values because ‘nothing is good, and nothing is bad’ (or alternatively ‘what is good is bad and what is bad is good’ depending on the particular flavour of the Satanism involved).

The reality of what means of course is that nothing is sacred and whether you believe in the literal or figurative devil then you inevitably end up in a position of opposing everything for the sake of nothing but because… well… muh inversion of values. This leads in turn to the reality of Satanism largely being composed of very sad individuals who are utter failures other than in their attempt to be edgy and assert power by declaring ‘OMG I AM A SATANIST’ rather than by actually attaining and exercising that power which even Anton LaVey later recognized as being ‘more Satanic’ than just about every ‘Satanist’ out there.

Satanism itself is not a particularly coherent philosophy but rather an angry position of opposition to everything for the sake of nothing other than being truculent and contrarian. Thus, if you want to be technical Satanism works like Marxist logic does in that it in itself is a Negation of a Negation and you end up - like Dostoevsky’s ‘Underground Man’ in ‘Notes from the Underground’ - destroying rather than helping desperate people who look to you for assistance for no other reason than your own malevolence.

This is alien to the spirit of National Socialism which preaches love for your family, kin and nation and merciless intolerance for their enemies. The spirit of Satanism preaches love for the desires of the self and fuck everyone and everything else.

It should thus be no surprise then that Satanism is profoundly jewish with the founder of the Church of Satan Anton LaVey, the founder of the Satanic Temple Malcom Jarry as well as ‘Radio Werewolf’ and founder of ‘Nazi Satanism’ Nicholas Schreck being jews.

Therefore, it is right that the Russian government has banned so-called ‘witches’ and the like from advertising their ‘services’ in the country – LaVey did publish ‘The Satanic Witch’ for a reason – because while psychopathic nutters will always find a rationale for their crimes. There is absolutely no reason to allow ‘Satanism’ to exist in a healthy country or nation as it is alien and in intrinsic opposition to all that National Socialism stands for and is the product of the jewish mind intended to subvert Aryan morals and values by replacing them with the worship of me, myself and I.