Jewish Hacker Extradited to Russia from US

Jewish Hacker Extradited to Russia from US

According to Sean Lyngaas over at ‘CNN’:

‘US officials have deported a key player in the Russian cybercriminal world who was sentenced to nine years in US prison in 2020 for his             alleged role in a scheme that defrauded Americans of millions of dollars, according to the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency.

ICE officers put Aleksei Burkov, 31, on a commercial flight out of New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport on Monday, ICE                 spokesperson Dani Bennett told CNN.

Russian authorities took Burkov into custody after he arrived Tuesday at Moscow's Sheremetyevo International Airport, according to Russia's Ministry of Internal Affairs. In Russia, Burkov is accused of bank card fraud and of trading confidential financial data, activity that allegedly took place between 2008 and 2015, Ministry of Internal Affairs                 spokesperson Irina Volk said in a statement.’

We know Burkov is jewish because he fled to – you guessed it – Israel using the ‘Law of Return’ and had to be extradited from there by the United States in 2019 after he was arrested in by the Israelis in 2015 to face criminal charges in Virginia and will now also stand trial for his crimes in Russia.

Let’s hope Putin has him executed or sent to a labour camp in Siberia so he can feel the pain of those he scammed and finally have to – horror of horrors for a jew – do some hard work for once.