Nigger Security Guard Arrested for Beating White Woman in the UK

Nigger Security Guard Arrested for Beating White Woman in the UK

In a viral video from New Street Train Station in Birmingham in the UK a security guard outside the McDonalds there at 4.30 a.m. on Sunday 27th June 2021 repeatedly beats a young white woman after she throws a drink on him.

According to the article on this incident by the journalists Danya Bazaraa (does he/she write for the Onion too with that name?) and Jack Evans in ‘The Mirror’ the situation is as follows:

‘Shocking footage shows a McDonalds security guard battering a woman with a stick and kicking her on the ground after she threw the remains of a drink at him.

The incident outside a branch of the fast food chain in Birmingham city centre on Sunday morning shows the guard flying into a rage after the woman throws the drink on him.

In mobile phone footage uploaded to the Birmz Is Grim blog, a bystander appears to urge the woman to “do it, do it, you bad?”.

As soon as she throws the dregs of her drink, the guard grabs his stick from the doorway and chases after her.

He pushes her to the ground several metres away and lands a series of blows with a stick to her head and body.

The guard is seen kicking and stamping on her as she lies on her side unable to defend herself before moving away.

But when the woman shouts something, he turns on his heels and pulls his left leg back to kick her again.

The footage uploaded to the Birmz is Grime blog ends while the woman remains on the ground beside the restaurant next to Birmingham’s New Street station.’

Now naturally they don’t mention the racial disparity here – after all it is not a good look for the British Government’s ‘Woke’ Narrative of ‘Black Lives Matter’ – because it is a black man beating a much smaller white woman for the sort of thing that Bouncers/Security Guards are paid to deal with.

After all the System doesn’t want to talk about Black-on-White violence because that simply doesn’t jive with their whole ‘Eternal Black Victim/Racist White Oppressor’ narrative. Hence West Midlands Police are trying to demand people stop educating themselves and each other by sharing and viewing this video because it might ‘disrupt their investigation’ – one wonders how precisely it could ‘disrupt their investigation’ considering they have already arrested the nigger responsible – when what they really mean is ‘stop spreading the truth it’ll make us look bad’.

Spread the video around my friends.

Send it to all your friends and relatives.

Let Aryans around the world know what happens when – as Jonathan Bowden put it – the Black man holds the whip in hand over the White man.