Was Yuri Bezmenov Jewish?

Was Yuri Bezmenov Jewish?

The late Soviet defector Yuri Bezmenov is well-known around the nationalist internet for an anti-communist interview that he gave to John Birch Society interviewer Edward Griffin in the 1980s detailed left-wing tactics and the legal/illegal party logic of revolutionary communism. (1)  What you may not know however is Bezmenov has occasionally been labelled as having been jewish. (2)

However this is not true since Bezmenov makes no reference to any jewish ancestry on his part when he references jews in his works. (3) He also describes his father as being a front-line soldier and his mother as a factory worker (4) which makes them demographically unlikely to be jews. (5) Bezmenov even points to his ‘Oriental’ adopted but not birth mother as being the origin of his sexual fetish for dark-skinned women, but never suggests any jewishness on her part either. (6)

The confused suggestion that Bezmenov was jewish probably stems from his chosen pen name Tomas Schuman which to some ears sounds jewish and may have indeed been designed by Bezmenov to sound as such.

It certainly wouldn’t have been the first time a Soviet agent adopted a jewish sounding name when they weren’t jewish themselves.


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