We Must Keep Our Inner Passion

We Must Keep Our Inner Passion

The every day life of a National Socialist is a struggle imperceptible to the average person. We go about our business surrounded by faces that are hostile to all that is healthy and good for our people or worse, indifferent to what is going on. Idealism clashes starkly with the reality. What is there to save?

We could approach the problem using reason. Try to explain away the doubts about our chances for survival, and there are several positive signs to be sure. We are going through a culling where only those loyal to their race at some level will continue to make White babies. Active traitors and those who are too willing to go along with their program will be eliminated from the gene pool.

Most of us by now have heard about the polls taken after the 'Unite the Right' Rally that show 9% of Americans considered “Neo-Nazi” views as acceptable. This translates to millions of White Folks. The struggle for our Race is producing more serious minded people, those who shun the failed partnership with Conservatism of White Nationalism’s past. White Americans rioted in their Capitol, the heart of the Judeo-American Empire. As there is a vast amount of literature from the Third Reich which hasn’t even been translated yet, the National Socialist Renaissance is in it’s infant stage.

It’s not just America either. People in all White countries are noticing that this sorry state of affairs is not what their ancestors died for. Aryans are recognizing that their survival lay in forming a shield wall with other nations of the same Race, against the World Enemy.

Rationalizing our situation can only do so much. To live a dissident life requires self discipline and self denial. The willpower it takes to maintain that state constantly can only come from within you. Your comrades help push you, steel sharpens steel! But you are the one which must live your own life. Tapping into the primal passions, that which logic does no justice, is the key to maintaining that flame inside all of us which drives us to Resist:

The great masses of a nation will always and only succumb to the force of the spoken word. But all great movements are movements of the people, are volcanic eruptions of human passions and spiritual sensations, stirred either by the cruel Goddess of Misery or by the torch of the word thrown into the masses, and are not the lemonade-like out-pourings of aestheticizing literati and drawing-room heroes.

Only a storm of burning passion can turn people’s destinies, but only he who harbors passion in himself can arouse passion.

Passion alone will give to him, who is chosen by her, the words that, like beats of a hammer, are able to open the doors to the heart of a people.

He to whom passion is denied and whose mouth remains closed is not chosen by Heaven as the prophet of its will.

~ Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler, Pg. 136-137

The innocence of White Children. The beauty of our Women. The great accomplishments of ancestors past, and the glorious possibilities ahead, if only we would reach out and grasp them! These are all the things which are at stake. We must look life in the face for what it is, maintain our inner flame, lean on our Folk Comrades, and maintain our proud disdain of all that is vile. They killed the Men, not the Idea!

“How can you claim the right of unavoidable hardness, if you let yourself go? How can you maintain a clear view and a proper bearing, if you lose your self-respect?”

~ SS Ideology Volume 1. “Regarding the Behavior of the Soldier Towards Foreign Women”, Pgs. 5-6