Western Washington University Re-Introduces Racial Segregation

Western Washington University Re-Introduces Racial Segregation

According to Luke Gentile writing for the ‘Washington Examiner’ we can happily report that the ‘Black Lives Matter’ and general ‘Woke’/’Critical Race Theory’ nonsense has actually resulted in some useful for once.

Western Washington University in Bellingham, Washington State has effectively re-introduced racial segregation to ‘separate niggers from the influence of other races’ or put another way ‘separate everyone else from niggers’.

He writes how:

‘A Washington university established a housing program for black               students to examine their culture separate from the influence of other races, according to the program's description on the school's website.

Western Washington University transformed the fourth floor of its Alma Clark Glass Hall into Black Affinity Housing, the website states.’

We can only encourage this positive development in the right direction and suggest that the next logical step is not to send niggers to universities at all and instead send them to special Voodoo Schools in Africa where they can learn all about such culturally sensitive topics as how raping virgins cures AIDS and that human urine is the ultimate medical panacea for all the evil diseases of the white man.