White Man Scares Gook in California

White Man Scares Gook in California

According to ‘ABC 7’ a gook named Thien Ly living in San Jose, California has been ‘terrorized’ by what appears to have been a white man angry at him being a foreigner.

Dion Lim – also a gook – writing for ‘ABC 7’ describes the events thus:

‘A San Jose father is sending a warning to neighbors about a man who harassed him about his child's dinosaur flag. According to the homeowner and police, the suspect later came back to vandalize the family's vehicles.

Thien Ly's surveillance camera captures the moment last Wednesday evening when he was about to take his 3-year-old and 20-month-old to the park after work when suddenly a man drives up and asks "what flag is that?" and points to the flag near Ly's garage.

Mistakenly thinking the man was asking about his bicycle, not the               dinosaur flag Ly's bought for his 3-year-old son, he answers by saying the brand of the bike.

The man appears to be unsatisfied with Ly's answer and that's when things start getting awkward.

The man can be heard saying on surveillance, "Is that a Filipino thing?"

Ly believes the man may have mistaken the brand of the bicycle, Taga with Tagalog, a language spoken in the Philippines. Ly by the way, is               Vietnamese.’

Then Lim goes on to suggest that this was probably racially-motivated but also admits there is no evidence for this other than Ly’s immediate claims of being subjected to a ‘hate crime’:

‘San Jose police said the man returned several hours later to commit               vandalism.

"He came back and he smashed both of my cars with weights," said Ly, who then held up the 2.5-pound circular weight he found in between his children's car seats in the back row of one vandalized car.

While San Jose police said the incident doesn't appear to be hate-               motivated Ly can't help but think he was targeted because of his race.

"At first he thought I was Filipino because I can pass for Filipino, but I'm actually Vietnamese," said Ly.’

Now while I don’t think it is a ‘hate crime’ per se. I do think Ly was targeted by the angry white man because of his ‘dinosaur flag’ and the fact that he was clearly not an Aryan and thus didn’t belong in the United States and should be deported along with his kids post haste.

This my friends is the true democratic will of the American people made manifest: Build the Wall and Deport Them All!