White Men tell Gook in Florida to Fuck Off Back to China

White Men tell Gook in Florida to Fuck Off Back to China

According to ‘NextShark’ there has been a rather fun incident in Delray Beach, Florida where three white men told a gook exactly where to shove it and did so while (hilariously) eating pizza.

They write how:

‘Ramen Lab Eatery, which sits at 25 Northeast 2nd Ave., was trying to close at 11:45 p.m. on Thursday when three white men allegedly showed up and began unstacking chairs.

The group reportedly started spewing profanities after a female employee "politely" asked them to leave. Restaurant owner Louis Grayson said he stepped in and filmed the scene.

"They started calling her a lil b*tch, saying f*ck you to her," Grayson told NextShark. "I came out and asked them to leave, but they continued to yell, got [more] aggressive and kept saying this is public property."

In the video, a man in a white shirt tells Grayson: "Take your f*cking China flu, and shove it up your a**! A**hole, you f*cking Taiwanese ch*nk motherf**ker.”

Grayson is heard telling the group that he asked them to leave “nicely,” but the profanity continues. “Sissy motherf**ker! Communist! Communist!” another in pink shorts says.

Grayson told NextShark that the man in pink shorts arrived first,             unstacking chairs by himself before returning with the others and buying pizza from another business. In their initial confrontation, the man             allegedly told him, "I bet you’re from California and a liberal, you             communist.”’

Aside from the fact that Louis Grayson – who despite the name is actually a gook – is milking this ‘anti-Asian racism’ (aka completely justified gook hate) to support his business. This is another really good sign that things are ‘on the turn’ in the United States because ‘open racism’ has been taboo for quite some time now (really since the late 1980s) and since the abomination of the Obama administration, the hope and betrayal of the right by the Trump administration and the ‘stolen election’ and ‘woke’ insanity of the current Biden administration.

There has been a surge in the political right having lost faith in both the democratic process (the stolen election among other things), the mainstream ‘conservative’ media (other than possibly Tucker Carlson) and event the more ‘right-wing’ alternative ‘conservative’ media (such as Ben Shapiro) as these talking heads and hacks fail to do or support anything that the right-wing in the United States actually wants and instead simply talk about ‘principles’ and then push their personal agenda (usually Israel).

This then leaves the American right in something of a quandary with little place to go other than right and they (especially the increasingly radical Generation Zyklon) are looking for answers. National Socialists have to provide those answers now and not in five years’ time.

Action is needed my friends. Get the word out there and you will be rewarded a hundred-fold in how many people will be won over to National Socialism by both its recognizable brand, uncompromising political honesty and requirement for action not words.

Remember the future is bright, the future is National Socialist.