White Woman Fired for Telling Gook Where To Go

White Woman Fired for Telling Gook Where To Go

Ryan General over at ‘Nextshark’ has published an article detailing how an Aryan woman named Stella Thomas – albeit rather drunk – decided to tell a gook taxi driver – sorry ‘Laotian American’ taxi driver – to ‘fuck off back to Asia’ in Charlotte, North Carolina letting her true sentiments be known, because – as is well known – alcohol lowers your inhibitions and you say what you really think and mean.

He writes:

‘A white woman was captured on video yelling racial slurs at an Asian Uber driver at a gas station in Charlotte, N.C.

Rude passengers: Outhay Chokbengboun, a 46-year-old Laotian American, said he picked up a small group of passengers who argued with him as he was driving, WSOC reported.

The group reportedly demanded to go to a different destination than the one they requested via the app.

Chokbengboun explained that he could not change the location while driving, so he asked them to change the location themselves.

An argument ensued and escalated into one of the passengers offering to bribe him, and another insulting him.

One passenger was captured by the driver’s dashcam, saying, “No, we don’t want to drive home with this f***** a******.”

Chokbengboun then decided to pull into a gas station at East Woodlawn and Park roads to let the passengers out.

“I don’t understand why people want to do that,” he was quoted as saying. “I’m just trying to do my job, and be on my way, that’s all.”

Viral clip: Chokbengboun said he started recording when a female passenger, identified as Stella Thomas, started berating him with racist insults, according to QC Nerve.

In the clip, the woman's male friend apologized to Chokbengboun, saying, “I'm going to get these broads out of here, alright? I'm sorry, I am so f****** sorry.”

Another female passenger is seen urging Thomas to stop yelling at the driver.

Thomas can be heard yelling, “Go f**k yourself, go back to Asia,” at the driver, adding she was also calling 911.

The video has since become widely shared on social media.

AB Ludvig Svensson, a company with a local office in Charlotte, confirmed Thomas's involvement in the incident, noting that she has been suspended as they discuss their next course of action.

An email obtained by Queen City Nerve states that Thomas has since resigned from Ludvig Svensson.’

Quite frankly Ludvig Svensson need to give Thomas a raise and not fire her – oh sorry she ‘resigned’ – for showing such patriotic sentiments in this time of crisis and Chokbengboun needs to get deported to Laos post haste so he can go drive a tuk-tuk for Uber there not in White America, while the cuck of a man sobbing how he was ‘so sorry’ needs a public whipping until such time as he manages to grow a pair of balls.

This is a bit of good news for National Socialists in America primarily because it shows that if you scratch the surface of the so-called ‘anti-racist mainstream’ White Americans you find a deeply racist perspective beneath not because of so-called ‘Institutional Racism’ or ‘White Privilege’ but because reality conforms racial reality every day and it in our very DNA to be racist.

Thomas should embrace her racism, quit drinking, find a good National Socialist for a husband and have a football team’s worth of children then she’d be happy and be able to say what she means and mean what she says.